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A gas spring is a mechanical device that utilizes compressed gases to act as a spring, rather than a conventional metal spring. Gas springs consist of a piston enclosed by a sealed cylinder, with the piston rod extending out of the cylinder. The sealed cylinder is filled with gas, corresponding to the required force, which is variably compressed by the piston to create the force. These types of springs are commonly used in the automotive industry, where they are used to bear the weight of some components, such as the vehicle door. Some other industries that widely use gas springs are aerospace and medical.

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Logo for Walach Manufacturing Company, Inc. Walach Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

WALACH Hydraulic Cylinders are the right products to use in place of gas springs and mechanical struts, features: smooth, consistent, & long-lasting operation, torsion, extension, dampening, & shock absorption, a choice of tube body & shaft diameters, a variety of end connections available, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Gaysan Gas Springs (Istanbul, Turkey)


Gaysan is a manufacturer of gas springs and hydraulic dampers with hard chrome plated or black nitrated piston rods.

Despa Otomotiv Yan San. Ve Tic A.S. (Bursa, Turkey)


DESPA is a gas spring and damper manufacturer which produces a wide range of gas springs and dampers; such as regular, traction, locking, self centring, office chair gas springs and damper. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we produce high quality gas springs with high reliability and durability.

Super Systems (New Delhi, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

We produce gas springs for various applications such as automotive, industrial, kitchen cabinets, furniture, Lambo door kits, hospital beds, bus seats, trunk lids, dustbin dampers, machinery etc. Ind automotive we produce for Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, mercedes, BMW, Ford, chevorlet and many more. For more info visit

NEWTONE Gas Springs (Istanbul, Turkey)


Range of standard gas springs NEWTONE (gas lift, gas spring) is more than hundreds of different sizes, which are used in modern industry. Advantages of NEWTONE Gas Springs: - Minimal friction system for the production of lowest extension forces; - Excellent life cycles; - Protection against vibration and light side forces; - Integrated grease chamber systems; - Low break away forces; - Installation and storage in any kind of position; In addition to standard gas springs, we can offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your project. The continuous production of special sizes and our extensive stock enable us to meet almost all requirements within a remarkable short time by guarantee and service of NEWTONE Gas Springs.

Ningbo Yeswin Machinery Co., Ltd. (Ningbo, China)


Yeswin is a professional gas springs manufacturer in China who can design and produce different kinds of gas springs, gas struts, lift supports, dampers and treadmill rollers. Gas spring, usually also called gas strut, lift support, is a closed system mainly consisting of a pressure tube, a piston rod, a piston group and end fittings. Its principle is relatively simple. When the piston rod is pushed into the pressure tube, the nitrogen has nowhere to go and therefore the nitrogen in the pressure tube is compressed and the pressure increases. Then a continuous lift force is provided by the compressed nitrogen during gas spring's extension.

Bansbach Easylift (Melbourne, FL)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Bansbach Easylift is the North American distributor providing in stock, and custom gas spring options servicing industries such as; aerospace, military, automotive, industrial, furniture, and many more. Bansbach Easylift strives for complete customer satisfaction and offers a full range of FREE services to include; application engineering, live chat assistance via our website, quick turnaround on quotations, and in house stocking.

Worldwide Gas Springs Int'l (HK) Co., Ltd (Guangzhou, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

WGS is a Chinese leading manufacturer and exporter of gas springs and dampers. We can supply the gas springs with body dia. from 12mm~28mm and pressure force from 10N~3000N. We can custom you any springs as provided the extended length, stroke, and pressure force information. Welcome to your kind contact with idea, drawing, or sample. Thanks!



Lift gas spring is also named free gas spring which is the most popular and widely used gas spring.It's main purpose is to support,it has only two conditions:the shortest and longest,it can not auto stop in a stroke,It's longest when free and short when pressed by force and can even reach the shortest.



Lift gas spring is also named kingh thead which is the most popular and widely used gas spring.It's main purpose is to support,it has only two conditions:the shortest and longest,it can not auto stop in a stroke,It's longest when free and short when pressed by force and can even reach the shortest.

Wenzhou Baoerte Auto Parts Co., Ltd (Wenzhou, China)


gas springs are products which assist the opening and closing of automobile engine compartment hoods and rear gates, using gas reaction force. pls provide us the oem no. or send us your drawings or samples, we can make the gas spring as per your request.

Enidine Incorporated (Orchard Park, NY)


Enidine Incorporated is a world leader in the manufacturing of shock absorption and vibration isolation products in the motion control industry. From shock absorbers to air springs and wire rope isolators, Enidine has the solution to your most challenging application problem.

Ameritool Manufacturing (Central Square, NY)


Here at Ameritool we pride ourselves with the manufacturing of 100% American made Locking gas springs and Tension springs. Our gas springs are suitable for use in many applications including: marine, industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food processing, medical and military.

LS Technologies Canada Inc (Saskatoon, SK)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Headed by a service oriented team of professionals with extensive experience in the automotive industry we provide the services for recharging, repair, design, and custom manufacture of gas charged lift supports (otherwise known as gas struts or gas springs).

Changzhou Longxiang Gas Spring Co.,Ltd (Changzhou, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

ChangZhou LongXiang Gas Spring Co Ltd manufacture lift gas springs,you can customize.lift gas spring can be OEM .Longxiang gas springs fit for automobile,toolbox,industry,machine&equipments,export all the world,and pass RoHs and fatigue test by TUV and SGS.

Aritech Gas Springs (Carp, ON)


Gas springs are widely used in the vehicle industry. This line is one of our core business line in which we offer one of the widest product range worldwide.

Associated Spring-Raymond, Barnes Group Inc. (Maumee, OH)

Manufacturer, Distributor

A worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of springs, Associated Spring-Raymond supplies thousands of parts to industry, including springs, washers, die springs, gas springs and die components.

Industrial Gas Springs Ltd. (Mitcham, United Kingdom)


IGS range of products include: Gas Springs, Gas Struts, Dampers, Locking Gas Springs, Tension Gas Springs. Stainless steel 304 and 316 alternatives can be made for all our products.

Lucid Gas Springs ( Los Alamitos, CA)


As gas springs are discovered everyday for new and creative applications, there is a critical need to find a company that can supply innovative and high quality gas springs.

Tiansun Industrial Co.,Ltd (Hangzhou, China)


2 years quality guarantee; Over 100,000 circles; 144 hours of salt spray test.Passed ROHS,TUV quality report. and competitive cost price for all your potencial needs.

Zhejiang Star Gas Springs Factory (Shanghai, China)


we can supply all kinds of gas springs which work life is 50000 cycles, include the stainless steel gas spring, with different end fittings.

China Xiamen Shuangyuan Springs Ind Co., Ltd. (Xiamen, China)


Gas spring factory produce compression gas spring, locking gas spring, tention gas spring, tension gas spring, stainless steel gas spring, etc.

Yangzhou Mingrui Gas Spring Co., Ltd (Jiangdu, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China)


free gas spring,compression gas spring,carbinet gas spring,lockable gas spring,controllable gas spring,gas struts,automobile seat back angle adjustment device

Ningbo Cospl Gas springs Co., Ltd (Ningbo, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Gas springs lifts, gas struts, gas spring supports, gas damper, etc

Foshan Sunlong Hardware Co., Ltd (Foshan, China)


gas spring for cabinet, gas spring for furniture

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