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Inductors are a type of passive electrical device that are used to store energy from magnetic fields and release it when needed. Learn more about inductors.

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Chaozhou Threecircle Group Co., Ltd (Chaozhou, G.D, China)


TCG is a professional manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, inc. Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC), chip inductors, thin film fixed resistors; alumina ceramic substrates for chip resistors, potentiometers and for HIC; ceramic ferrules for fiber optic connectors, microwave dielectric ceramic parts and ceramic rods of resistors.

Hybrid Electronics (Oviedo, FL)


Hybrid Electronics is a broadline distributor of electronic components. Hybrid Electronics stocks over 500,000 parts...semiconductors, integrated circuits, passive, relays, switches, wire & cable, and much more! If you're also looking for hard to find parts, Hybrid Electronics offers the best support and most competitive prices in the industry!

AlfaMag Electronics, LLC (Rolla, MO)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

AlfaMag offers an extensive range of inductors and chokes in many different package sizes and shapes, both in surface mount and through-hole types. Applications include output inductors in SMPS filters, DC/DC converters, energy storage, differential mode and common mode filtering. Custom designs are available.

Tronson Electronics Co., Ltd (Dongguan, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

professional manufacturer of power inductors, SMD power inductors, THT inductors, SW inductors, switch inductors, radial inductors, toroidal inductors, axial inductors, coils, air core inductors, toroidal coils, clip inductors, vertical inductors, common mode choke, choke coils, wand inductors, ferrite inductors, RF inducotrs, Toroids

Shenzhen Sanmega Electronics CO.,LTD (shenzhen, China)


Murata Chip Inductors are optimally designed to make full use of multiple construction techniques: Multilayer construction Film construction Wire wound construction The Murata Chip Inductors are high-performance inductors in a small package and are suitable for power supplies to high frequency.

Magasia Electronics (Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Power Transformer: Both in linear and switching magnetics. Inductor: EE, ER, PQ, EFD, EQ, RM, ETD, toroid core and much more. Any types of magnetics we can build. We do also support LAN filter, Mag Jack and DC/DC converter.

Electronic Expediters, Inc. (Camarillo, CA)


Iron Powder Cores, MPP/Sendust/Hi-Flux Cores, Ferrites Shielding Beads, Chip Beads, Toroids, Suppression Cores, Multi-Aperture Cores, Slugs, Pot Cores, EP Cores, PQ, U, E&I, ETD, Bobbins Cores, Coils & Inductors, Headers & Bobbins, etc. Crystals, Oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, ECL & PECL type

Inductors Inc. (Irvine, CA)


Inductors Inc. distributes chip, toroidal, and power inductors, chokes, coils, beads, power transformers, DC/DC converters, antennas. And supports manufacturer's like Coiltronics, Coilcraft, Central Technologies, C&D Technologies, Dale, Delevan, Fair-Rite, Fastron, Vanguard, Sumida, Samsung, TDK, Toko, and Taiyo Yuden.

MagneComp Inc. (Pickens, SC)


Forty years of experience designing and building magnetic components to military specifications allows MagneComp to deliver prompt, accurate solutions to your most difficult requests. Powers up to 1k VA and frequencies up to 500 mHZ.


Manufacturer, Distributor

AG Electronic Group Co.,Ltd is an enterprise specializing in all type of Electronic Components. The main products are Tantalum Capacitors,Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, SMD & DIP Capacitors, Diode, Transistors,Resistors,Inductors, IC.etc.The main brands: AVX,XEMET,TDK,VISHAY,NICHICON,MURATA, RUBYCON, YAGEO,NIPPON-CHEMICON,NXP

American Magnetics Corp. (Carterville, IL)


American Magnetics can supply a large variety of transformers, inductors, coils and other wound magnetic devices. Sizes range from 1VA to 10KVA single phase or up to 30KVA 3 phase.

Tranex, Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO)


Tranex designs and manufactures both standard and custom transformers, inductors, coils and toroids. Tranex supplies these products to the Medical, Semi-Conductor Equipment, Food Preparation, Telecommunication, Instrumentation and Aerospace Industries.

Hurricane Electronics Lab (Hurricane, UT)


Hurricane Electronics Lab offers many inductors and transformer, from basic filters to custom transformers.

Coilcraft Inc (Cary, IL)


Coils, toroids, pulse transformers, chip inductors, printed circuit assemblies, filters & magnetic heads

China ChangZhou No.6 Radio Components Factory (Changzhou, China)



Xfmrs Inc (Camby, IN)


Transformers, chokes, coils, inductors for LAN, telecommunications, industrial & consumer applications

BH Electronics, Inc. (Burnsville, MN)


surface mount inductors, dual inductors, power inductors

GB International (Endicott, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Design & manufacture of standard inductors.

Atlantic Magnetics Inc (Pompano Beach, FL)

Magnetic devices, coils & transformers, toroid turn counters, dip tinning stations & surface mount inductors

Transformer Manufacturers Inc (Harwood Heights, IL)

Custom made audio, power, step-up, step-down & toroidal transformers, chokes & inductors

Cooper Electronic Technologies (Boynton Beach, FL)

Manufacture electronic components: transformers, inductors, coils & circuit protection components

Custom Coil & Transformer Co (Zanesville, OH)

Electric coil windings, iron core transformers, inductors & torrides

EMD Electronics (Elk Grove Vlg, IL)

Transformers, high frequency data products, coils & chip inductors

Lenco Electronics Inc (Mchenry, IL)

Electric components, audio, electric & power transformers & inductors

Hobart Electronics (Hobart, IN)

High power transformers, coils & inductors

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About Inductors

Inductors are a type of passive electrical devices that are used to store energy from magnetic fields and release it when needed. Together with chokes and capacitors, inductors have helped to reduce the size of electrical devices by providing a compact way to store power.

Inductance measures the quantity of magnetic flux that is produced by the current flowing through a coil. It is measured in units of Henries denoted by 'H'. Its value increases with the amount of current flowing and the number of loops in the coil.

Switched-mode inductors are used to store energy for power supplies. The inductor is operated for a certain fraction of the switching frequency and not energized for the rest of the cycle. This ratio of energy transfer specifies the value of input and voltage ratios. They are used as reactors in electrical power transmission systems to depress the voltage and confine the fault current.

Inductors are bigger and weigh more than similar devices, so solid state networks use only small inductors while using gyrator circuits for higher requirements.

How Inductors Work

The inductor has as a coil of copper conductors wound around a central core. Various power inductors by Bicron Electronics When current is passed through the coil a magnetic flux is created around the coil due to the properties of electromotive force. The resistance increases when a core is placed in the coil and this increases the inductance by hundreds of times. The core can be made of different materials but cores made of ferrite produce the maximum inductance. The current to voltage lag is 90° but with the use of resistive substance a resistive and inductive circuit is formed, the phase angle lag becomes smaller and is based on the frequency that is constant.

Inductance is the circuit's resistance to change in current. Inductance tolerance is the amount of variation that is permitted within the nominal value. The frequency for which the distributed capacitance starts resonating with the inductance and canceling the capacitance is called the self resonant frequency or SRF. At SRF, the inductor works as a high impedance, resistive element. Quality factor (Q value) is the measure of relative losses of the inductor and is expressed as capacitive resistance divided by the equivalent serial resistance.

Types of Inductors

Inductors are classified by the type of core and the winding. Kinds of inductors are: coupled inductors, multi-layer chip inductors, wirewound ceramic core inductors, molded chip inductors, power inductors, shielded power inductors, molded inductors, conformal coated inductors, and wide band chokes.

Other types are variations of the above types. Shielded types are shielded to avoid EMI and RFI.

Types of Inductor Cores

The core is one of the most important parts of the inductor. The winding wire has very little resistance since it is made of conducting material and it keeps the electrons flowing. Copper wire and other conductors have a conductivity of almost 99.8% and the little inherent resistance of copper does not hinder the free flow of electrons. With the introduction of a core, resistance is introduced in the circuit and the current now builds up in the windings until the resistance of the core is overcome. This buildup is stored as magnetic energy in the core. Depending on the core resistance, the buildup soon reaches the magnetic saturation level and it can be released when required.

The number of turns in the winding and the core material determines the capacity of the inductor. Cores made of dielectric material like ceramics, wood, paper, etc. provide small amounts of stored energy while cores made of ferrite substances have a much higher resistance and the power that can be released is very high.

Major types of cores are:

Color Coding

Small capacity molded inductors are given a color code for easy identification when they are mounted in circuits. Four-color bands are given in circles around the inductor. The bands are called 1st band, 2nd band, the third band is the multiplier and the fourth band indicates the tolerance. Colors used are: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white, no color, gold and silver. Colors in the first and second band have a specific value of inductance, the third band is a multiplier and the fourth band stands for the +- inductance tolerance like 1%, 2%, 3%, 20%, etc.

Applications of Inductors

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