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An industrial chiller cools down liquid by extracting heat from the liquid and transferring it to either water or ambient air. These chillers use the technique of refrigeration to cool water, which is subsequently pumped through laboratory or process equipment. They are predominant in cryogenic applications that demand controlled cooling of mechanisms, products and factory machinery in diverse industries. They are of common encounter in welding equipment, injection and blow molding, X-ray diffraction, metal working cutting oils, pharmaceutical formulation, and gas cooling among other numerous applications.

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Logo for PolyScience PolyScience (Niles, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

PolyScience small and mid-sized portable chillers are designed and engineered to deliver industry-leading performance and reliability. They are available with cooling capacities from 1/4 to 10 ton. Both air- and water-cooled models are available.

Product(s) by PolyScience
Hansen Refrigeration Machinery (Fond Du Lac, WI)


Industrial liquid chillers; oil, coolant & water chillers

Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. (San Marcos, CA)


Applied Thermal Technologies' Hydro-Miser™ division carries a full line of water and air-cooled chillers. We specialize in packaged industrial chillers ranging in size from 1/2-ton to over 200 tons. These units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation, and operate efficiently in ambient conditions of -20º F. to +120º F (28.9º C. to 49º C).

Power Mechanical, Inc. (Newport News, VA)

Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Power Mechanical, Inc. specializes in boiler rental and repair. In addition, we offer mobile chiller plants in various sizes ranging from 35 ton to 400 ton. Multiple chiller units, air Cooled are custom tailored to properly accommodate each customer's needs. Our Units are built for ease of installation.

General Air Products, Inc. (Exton, PA)


Manufacturer Of Air & Water Cooled Chillers, Closed Loop Systems & Products Designed For The Fluid Power Industry. Specialize In Custom Manufacturing

Tandem Chillers (Markham, ON)


Manufacturer of modular chillers and chilling systems for air conditioning and process cooling.

Nyle Corporation (Bangor, ME)


We also make specialized chillers for various applications such as vacuum pumps used in power plants, and refrigeration systems for special applications such as potato storage systems.

Freeze Co. Systems Ltd (Brampton, ON)


Freeze Co Systems is a Brampton, Ontario, Canada based company in operation since 1988. From its 104,000 Sq. Ft facility it designs, manufactures and markets Chillers and Process Cooling systems for Industrial Applications.

G&D Chillers Inc. (Eugene, OR)


Process Cooling Systems, Inc. (Leominster, MA)


Iceberg Industrial Chillers (MEXICO, Mexico)


Lytron (Woburn, MA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Drake Refrigeration Inc. (Bensalem, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Alkar-Dec International (Lodi, WI)


Cooking & chilling equipment for meat & poultry processing; batch & continuous cookers & chillers; smokehouses

Heat Exchanger Design Inc (Indianapolis, IN)


Heat exchangers, heat recovery units, pressure vessels, chillers & condensers

Temperature Corporation (Markham, ON)


Process chillers for the injection molding process.

Rowald Refrigeration Systems (Rockford, IL)


Liquid coolant chillers & special design refrigeration systems

Dri-Aire (Columbus, GA)


Refrigerated air dryers & processed water chillers

Quorum Marine Air Conditioning (Stuart, FL)


Marine air conditioning, chillers & refrigeration equipment

Tek Temp Instruments Inc (Croydon, PA)


Heat exchangers & recirculating chillers

Ellis & Watts International (Batavia, OH)

Air conditioning & heat transfer equipment, custom mobile trailers, medical vans & nuclear power plant equipment; environmental air systems & modular chillers

Johnson Industries Intl (Windsor, WI)

Engineering, marketing & manufacturing of mozzarella pizza cheese making equipment: cooker/stretchers, molder/chillers, pre-salters & brine tanks

IMI Cornelius Inc (Glendale Hts, IL)

Ice & beverage dispensers, railroad refrigerators, water coolers & chillers

Great Lakes Air Products Inc (Westland, MI)

Compressed air dryers, regenative dryers, chillers & filters

Dittman Mechanical Contractors (Dryden, MI)

Metal fabricating: heating & ventilating equipment, piping, cooling towers & chillers

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