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Planetary gear reducers are a package of gears used for maximum speed reduction with a simultaneous increase in torque. This objective is accomplished through planetary gears that rotate about a sun gear thereby achieving the required speed reduction with simultaneous torque increment. The rotation of the sun gear is brought about by the input shaft. Torque is applied to the rotating planet member by each planet gear simultaneously with the planet member subsequently applying torque to the output shaft. Gears of this type provide low noise levels, high efficiency, superior performance, outstanding torsional stiffness and a highly accurate power transmission. They are common in applications that necessitate low speed output and high torque including conveyor systems, shredders, augers, etc.

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Logo for Sesame Motor Corp. Sesame Motor Corp. (Taichung, Taiwan)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Sesame Motor precision planetary reducers work with servo, stepping and DC motors to offer different ranges of auto-transmission solutions. Precision gear design and processing incorporate one-piece arm bracket and output shaft to provide higher radial load, increased service life and low backlash.

Applications that require precise positioning, durability and wear-resistance such as machine tools, Machining Centers, lathes and turning machines, tube and wire processing machines, industrial robots, semiconductor devices, packaging machinery, food and beverage processing machinery, bakery equipment, textile machinery, wood working machinery, printing machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, laser cutting and welding machines, medical and rehabilitation equipment, testing equipment, auto storage devices, green energy-related equipment and other sophisticated automation requirements.

Logo for DieQua Corporation DieQua Corporation (Bloomingdale, IL)


Product(s) by DieQua Corporation
Rexnord (Milwaukee, WI)


A foot mounted, inline/concentric gear reducer using planetary gearing. Splined input and output shafts isolate internal gearing from external forces. Heavy duty roller bearings on the output shaft are subject to external forces only - not internally generated gear forces.

MacMillin Hydraulic Engrg (Skokie, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

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