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MACOSTONE (Jingdezhen, China)


Quartz stone quartz surface quartz countertops quartz slabs MACOSTONE is the leading manufacturer of engineered quartz stone surface and tiles, and also has tile production line and countertops fabrication plant. We have been pursuing the most strict quality control system to produce high quality quartz stone slabs which can meet the requirements of the various technical indicators of the international famous brands. Our modern production equipment can produce 500,000 square quartz slabs annually, and the countertops fabrication plant enjoys a monthly yield of 20 containers’ countertops. We can produce all kinds of fashionable designs range from 12mm to 30mm. Relying on its strong technical strength, advanced production technology, rich artistic creativity and professional team, MACOSTONE has developed many best-selling designs in the market.

Multi Lab (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Quartz glass is made up of pure silicon tetrachloride which is produced for industrial purposes and may have impurities. Multi Lab carry three basic types of quartz glass type to fulfill specific requirements. Contact us for extensive stocks and technical assistance to help you further.

Lap-Tech Inc. (Bowmanville, ON)


Manufacturer of Custom designed resonators for filters and Oscillators. AT, SC & IT cuts in a wide range of packages including all glass encapsulation Specialist in miniature OCXO resonators. Lapping and polishing services. QCM''s

ankita industries (udaipur, IN)


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Tanvi Mines & Minerals (Jaipur, India)


We are leading manufacturer and supplier of quartz granules and quartz powder in India having best quality products.

Kakatiya Overseas (Hyderabad, India)


Supplier of high quality quartz in lump size.

Quartex (Lake Geneva, WI)

Service Company

Manufacture of quartz clock movements

Ohio Laser Center (Columbus, OH)

Precision laser cutting & laser marking services: cutting steel, stainless, aluminum, plastic, wood, quartz, exotics & many other materials

General Electric Lighting (East Cleveland, OH)

Fluorescent, high intensity discharge, quartz, incandescent, miniature, miniature sealed beam, sub miniature, photo & holiday lamps

Pyromatics Corp (Willoughby, OH)

High purity molded fused quartz, crucibles, custom tanks, beakers & special shapes

Bliley Electric Co (Erie, PA)

Quartz frequency control components, quartz crystals & crystal oscillators

Raltron Electronics Corp (Miami, FL)

Quartz crystals, oscillators, DIP switches, filters & resistors networks

Parry Co Inc (Richmond Dale, OH)

Quartz sand & gravel; water filtration media

Crystek Corp (Fort Myers, FL)

Electronic components & quartz crystal oscillators

General Electric Co (Mattoon, IL)

Quartz & halogen lamps; bulb coatings

Industrial Floor Corp (Jenkintown, PA)

Specialty floor surfaces: epoxy & quartz

TRANSAT Corp (Solon, OH)

Quartz crystal processing & measuring equipment

Behm Quartz Industries Inc (Dayton, OH)

Quartz lapping & polishing services

General Electric Co (Willoughby, OH)

Quartz & ceramic products

General Electric Co (Hebron, OH)

Quartz tubing & crucibles

Jan Crystals (Fort Myers, FL)

Quartz crystals & oscillators

Martin Marietta Materials Inc (Augusta, GA)

Crushed quartz

D I C Tool, Hytron Electric Products (Meadville, PA)


Incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, self ballasted mercury vapor, metal halide & quartz lamps; transistor headers & leads

Romirseal Almira (Shatjah, United Arab Emirates)

Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Providing - distributing : Spare parts for Conveyors, Crushers, Screen

Insaco Inc (Quakertown, PA)

Machine shop: precision, specialty & CNC machining of industrial sapphire, quartz & ceramic materials, polishing, drilling, boring, cutting, honing & grinding

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