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A self tapping screw is an externally threaded screw fastener that can be driven into a hole by creating its own internal mating threads. The self-tapping nature of these screws is facilitated by a series of gaps in the screw threads. These gap edges cut threads into the hole as they are screwed into the material and in many cases, the screws are notched at the head to facilitate chip removal. Self tapping screws are commonly used with sheet metal as well as wood and plastic, and they have been adopted in a number of applications, including surgery and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, as well.

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410 stainless steel self-drilling screws SAE J78/ASME (IFI): #8-18*1/2" DIN 7504/JIS B1124: 4.2*13 Drill Point: 2Price: FOB(/ Guangzhou/ Shenzhen) Pan Head Phillips: CSK (Flat) Phillips: Hex Washer Head: Pan Head Washer: Specification: 1. Competitive price and excelltent quality 2. Surface hardness HV:530-600, Core hardness HV:380-450 3. he

B&B Socket Products, Inc. (Placentia, CA)


B&B Socket Products, Inc. also offers a multitude of special features and services including; Total Lot Control from manufacture to end user, J.I.T. deliveries, Bin Stock Programs, Blanket Ordering, and Partnering Rebate Programs.

Ford Fasteners, Inc. (Hackensack, NJ)


Ford Fasteners offers self-drilling, self piercing, sheet metal and self-tapping screws and in stainless steel and zinc plated steel. You can buy a little or alot they are alwas in stock.

Allstar Fasteners, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL)


Allstar is large enough to produce and stock millions of machine screws. But we're also small enough to give each order the personal attention you demand and deserve.

FDF/ Factory Direct Fastening (Studio City, CA)


Full line of screws available, self tapping, self drilling, all head types

Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc. (Trainer, PA)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Self Tapping Screws: a thread tapping screw with spaced threads and a variety of points. They are used for self starting in a variety of light gauge materials, depending on the type of point.

Automotive Fasteners Inc. (Greensboro, NC)


Fastener Outlet B.V. (Tilburg, Netherlands)


Fastener SuperStore, Inc. (Downers Grove, IL)


Mutual Screw & Supply (Rochelle Park, NJ)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

ITW Shakeproof Industrial Products (Broadview, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

ITW Shakeproof manufactures several products that tap their own perfectly mated threads. Our engineering experience and products make sure that you get the perfect fastening solution often resulting in cost savings and increased production.

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