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Logo for Intek Inc Intek Inc (Westerville, OH)



Rheotherm flow switches provide reliable switch protection in all types of liquid or gas service.  From critical monitoring of extremely low flow process additives to loss of flow protection in large water or air lines, we can handle most flow switch applications.

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In the construction materials industry, heavy dust build-up and the mechanical stresses are a challenge for any limit switch. This is not a problem for OPTISWITCH. The rugged unit detects the limit in the silo independently of the properties of the bulk goods and reliably warns against overfilling. OPTISWITCH even masters tall, narrow silos due to the product-independent switching point.

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Logo for Sierra Instruments, Inc. Sierra Instruments, Inc. (Monterey, CA)



Sierra's Innova-Switch™ flow and level switches represent the state-of-the-art in gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control. Innova-Switch was designed to meet a broad range of performance and environmental application requirements.

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Logo for Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Dwyer Instruments, Inc. (Michigan City, IN)



Dwyer is a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, and we continue to grow and serve major markets including, but not limited to HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. One of our many products includes switches for numerous applications.

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Logo for Innovative Solutions, LLC Innovative Solutions, LLC (Naugatuck, CT)



Innovative Solutions makes standard and custom single and multi-level switches as well as solid state point level and continuous output liquid level sensors.




Flow Line Options Corp. (FLO-Corp) is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced flow, level and display instrumentation. With decades of experience, FLO-Corp specializes in providing complete, customized measurement solutions to support even the most difficult applications.

CNC Specialty Store (Delavan, WI)

Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company


We have and can source many machine parts for Fanuc, Yaskawa, Siemens based controls, as well as provide other services like Way Cover repair and automation support for your machine or CNC application. We are always adding more great products and expanding our parts inventory.

BI-TORQ Valve Automation (La Fox, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

AEC, Inc. (Wood Dale, IL)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Anagraphica, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)

Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Beijing Airport Beiguang Instruments Co.,ltd (Beijing, China)


LW87 Magnetic Float Liquid Level Switch Introduction LW87 Magnetic Float Liquid Level Switch gives alarm signal on the appointed liquid level on the side wall of open or pressurized vessel basing on float theory. LW87 is a horizontal installed float liquid level switch,fixing on the side wall of vessels with the float fixed inside the vessel and the switches and transducer component are totally isolated. When the liquid level reaches the assigned point, the position change of the float will activate the switch by magnetic system and output signals. This switch suits to single level control. LW87 is a vertical installed float level switch and fixed on the top of the vessel. The float is inside the vessel .Switch is isolated with the transducers. The float is fixed on non magnetic transmitting pipe run, the magnetic system inside the float will urge the switch to output signal. This switch could control many level points. Measurement Princple LW87 Magnetic Float Liquid Level Switch used to monitor the appointed liquid level in open or pressurized vessel according to float theory and fixed on the side wall of the vessel,the position of the float fixed on the stem will change with the liquid level. When the liquid level reaches appointed level (float is at a certain horizontal status or angle), the float will drive the magnetic system to activate the switch to output signal. The position of the float is basing on the change

Tortai technology (Dong Guan, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

We are specialist HMI user interface manufacturer, we have evolved to meet the growing demands of customers who want more sophisticated products, with more options and increased functionality. Our product range includes:•Complete HMI systems •Capacitive switches and touch panels •Display panels and products •Mechanical switch assemblies •Elastomeric keypads •Membrane keypad switches All of which are available with an array of complementary technologies, including electronic displays, communications interfaces, and enclosures to make sophisticated multi-function assemblies that save time and money. Creative solutions made possible by our excellent design and engineering team. In brief, the advantages Tortai offers are:•Experts in professional user interfaces for any application •Complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services •Ability to tame harsh environments •Thrive in "can't fail" applications •Shielding for RFI/EMI/EMP •Sealed to IP68 •Work in any lighting conditions •Integrate switches, displays, bezels, communications and more in one assembly •High value, high performance, high reliability products •Custom designed to your exact requirements Our goal is to help you make better products. Our development team solves problems and creates solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, durable, and tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need a small but critical component, or a sophisticated communications syste

Epec Engineered Technologies (New Bedford, MA)

Manufacturer, Service Company

Epec Engineered Technologies is an experienced, custom designer and manufacturer of high reliability user interface control panels incorporating switches, displays, interface electronics, and graphics with aesthetics to match OEM applications. Epec, through our acquisition of Suncoast Digital Technology, brings solid engineering solutions based on proven designs and experience with a reputation for technical support, customer service and quality second to none in the industry. All our user interface products are custom engineered to fit your end products specifications. Our user interface products are a great solution for portable devices, medical equipment, military & aerospace controls, or any application that has a need for human interaction.

General Industrial Controls pvt ltd (Pune, India)


Features: ● Dynamic and accurate control based on astronomical mathematics. ● Sunrise / Sunset or Twilight rise / set trigger. ● Yearly programming with season mode, DST, Offset, Off hours enabled. ● Protection against under voltage and over voltage. ● Alternate Mode with Auto load changeover feature. ● Three independent channel outputs. ● Active Phase selection. ● Manual override facility. ● Single phase and three phase versions. ● Modbus Communication. ● User friendly software for device configuration.



HFS FLOW SWITCH Specifications HFS Liquid Switches are Single-Pole-Double-Throw(SPDT) flow switches that are used in liquid lines carrying water, ethylene glycol, or other liquid not classified as hazardous. They can be wired to energize one device or powered from the same source when liquid flow either exceeds or drops below the set flow rate. ☆T

Sigma-Netics, Inc. (Riverdale, NJ)


With over 30 years of experience, Sigma-Netics has become an established leader in providing the most reliable and rugged miniature pressure and vacuum switches in the industry. Our switches are used in the harshest of environments, spanning markets such as underground mining excavators and dump trucks to critical aerospace and military applications.

Air Logic (Racine, WI)


Air Logic is a manufacturer of miniature precision snap-acting switches that interface from pressure signals to electrical control circuits and from vacuum signals to electrical systems. The snap-action electrical switch provides a positive and reliable response. The switch operation is based on the actuation of a precision snap-acting switch actin

Wochetex Ltd (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)


The WOCHETEX mission is dedicated to providing excellent quality, value added service and complete customer satisfaction in the production and design of our printed circuit boards (PCBs). We offer single-side, double-side, and multi-layer (up to 14 layers) boards. Our sister company can provide you with membrane switches and graphic overlays.

Curvature (Santa Barbara, CA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Network Hardware Resale offers scalability, availability, security and control with a wide provision of new-surplus and used Cisco Switches. Heightening the efficient operation of enterprise and service provider networks, our array of Cisco Networking Switches include the Cisco Catalyst 2950, 3550, and 6500 series. Our inventory spans Cisco's disco

Hybrid Electronics (Oviedo, FL)


Knight Electronic is a broadline distributor of electronic components. Knight Electronics stocks over 500,000 parts...semiconductors, integrated circuits, passive, relays, switches, wire & cable, and much more! If you're also looking for hard to find parts, Knight Electronics offers the best support and most competitive prices in the industry!

Zhejiang Gaoqiao Electronic co .,ltd (Wenzhou, China)


of push button switch, extended push button, illuminated push button, maintained push button, Mushroom push button, emergency stop button, selector switch,rotary selector switch key switch, dual push button, and etc. For more information, please kindly check the other types of LA115 series push button switches.

Babbitt International Inc. (Houston, TX)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Babbitt point level switches provide simple and reliable measurement of virtually any liquid or dry material. Point level switches provide level detection when certain predetermined levels are reached. These units can be used when transmitters or other continuous level measurement instruments are not needed.

Mamco Precision Switches (Oneonta, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

MAMCO is uniquely suited to designing and producing the kind of precision engineered switches and components many other manufacturers won't touch. Combining top-of-the-line tools and technology with the experience gives us an edge in developing the highest levels of quality assurance in the industry.

Kanson Electronics (Hohenwald, TN)


Kanson | ISSC proximity switches are available in inductive and magnetic models that are used to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All Kanson | ISSC proximity switches feature sealed enclosures to ensure operation in the most demanding environments. Please contact us today for more information.

PTS Instruments (Pinckney, MI)


Pressure Switch, Level Switch, Flow Switch, Humdity Switch, Mercury Switch, Temperature Switches, Capacitance Level Switch, Float Switches, Cable Float Switch, Dual Point Level Switch, Multi-Level Switch Kit,FSW Free-Floating Level Switch, L6, L4, L8 and L10 Flotect Mini-Size Level Switch, Tilt Switch Probe.

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