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Welding is a fabrication process employed for permanently joining two or more sections of materials. In most forms of welding, the joining is facilitated by melting the edges of the work pieces and introducing a filler material into the molten pool, which, after cooling, forms a solid bond between the sections. Frequently used for joining metals, this process is also suitable for joining various thermoplastics. A number of energy sources are used to create the weld, including electric arcs, gas flames, and lasers.

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Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer


Our innovative and experienced AWS certified welders assemble fabrications for a variety of industries. Proficient in many welding disciplines, with welding equipment exceeding 50 feet in length, our services and capabilities range from prototype to production and are as varied as our customer requirements.
Welding Equipment:
Auto Submerged Arc Welding x 52'-6" Long
Seam Welding x 10'-0" Long
Certified to AWS D1.1, D9.1, D10.9 

Primarily Serving: Cicero, IL - Oak Park, IL - Oak Lawn, IL - Skokie, IL

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Logo for Extrusions, Inc. Extrusions, Inc. (Fort Scott, KS)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer


Extrusions, Inc. is a centrally located, full service, custom aluminum extruder. Since 1963, meeting our customers' special needs has been our priority and the reason for our continued growth and success.

Primarily Serving: Joplin, MO - Olathe, KS - Overland Park, KS - Lees Summit, MO

Logo for Industrial Netting Industrial Netting (Minneapolis, MN)

Distributor, Service Company


Custom fabrication services include slitting to size, sheeting to size, die cutting to size and sonic welding.

Primarily Serving: Minnetonka, MN - Saint Paul, MN - Eden Prairie, MN - Burnsville, MN

Logo for Great Lakes Powder Coating Great Lakes Powder Coating (Walled Lake, MI)

Service Company


Over 30 years welding experience with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You can expect a food grade finished look and all of our stainless steel is hospital grade. We accommodate jobs of any size. If you are looking for good quality welding services at reasonable rates, our knowledgeable and experienced welders can build, modify or repair to your specifications. Contact us today for a quote.

Primarily Serving: Novi, MI - West Bloomfield, MI - Farmington, MI - Waterford, MI

Dongguan Shouchuang Hardware Electronics Co.,Ltd (Dongguan, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

This product is a heating body pulse welding, welding end face temperature by thermocouple feedback, the welding tip ends with suitable current get the right temperature, Through the bottom of welding tip conducts heat to the needed connection parts, eventually welding parts welded together, the influence of around thermal welding way is very small. mainly apply on Welding of PCB place code, FPC,FFC welding, ACF connection, all kinds of insulated copper magnet coils and the terminals of the direct connection, heating plasticity plastic bonding, The welding way won't have poor soldering phenomenon, can achieve a multi-point welding, needn't have the skills of personnel to ensure the welding quality, The main products for electronics industry designs high precision inverter welding machine, it have small volume and lightweight, small welding spatter, small thermal deformation, high precision welding characteristics, can achieve the many control way of the constant current, constant voltage, constant power. not any soldering and scaling powder, it become the environmental non tin welding technology nowadays, The welding quality can fully demand the RoHS and WEEE directives, This equipment is convenient for operation, petite size, convenient maintenance, small welding tip , reliable , the small signal attenuation, high temperature resistant etc.

Hangzhou Qianrong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. (Hangzhou, China)


Ultrasonic welding is a fast, clean and effective assembly process. Used to assemble methods for processing thermoplastic fittings and some composite components. It is currently used for bonding between plastic products, bonding of plastic products to metal parts and bonding between other non-plastic materials. The energy generated by the ultrasonic generator is used to rapidly expand and contract the elastic vibration by the transducer under the magnetic field induction of the ultra-high frequency, so that the file is vibrated correspondingly, and a certain pressure is applied on the file, so that the file is in the two Under the combined action of the force, the AI wire is rapidly rubbed on the surface of the metallized layer of the bead, such as (AI film), and the surface of the AI wire and the AI film is plastically deformed. This deformation also destroys the oxide layer at the interface of the AI layer. The two pure metal surfaces are brought into close contact to achieve the bonding between the atoms, thereby forming a weld. The main welding material is aluminum wire welding head, which is generally wedge-shaped.

Axenics (Tyngsboro, MA)

Contract Manufacturer

Orbital welding is, by far, the cleanest and most efficient way to join tubes, flanges, elbows, joints and more regardless of the application or industry. Axenics specializes in cleanroom orbital welding for high-purity stainless steel, Inconel and titanium. In order to achieve the cleanest environment possible, tubes and fittings are welded in a high-purity, contaminant-free environment. Axenics specializes in performing cleanroom orbital welding services as well as vacuum manifolds in tubing ranging from ⅛-inch diameter to 4-inch diameter. Axenics uses argon for both external and internal purges to keep the welds exceptionally clean. Our orbital welds achieve 100% penetration to ensure meeting the customers’ specifications and standards. Axenics uses computerized orbital welding technology, allowing us to set the welding schedule ahead of time. By specifying the particular metal to be welded, the machine adjusts the process accordingly. This saves a considerable amount of lead time. Orbital welding produces repeated high quality, consistent welds and is used often by the technicians at Axenics. There are many reasons to utilize orbital welding for a project.

Primarily Serving: Lowell, MA - Nashua, NH - Lawrence, MA - Haverhill, MA

Hill Manufacturing, Inc (Wauseon, PA)

Manufacturer, Service Company

Many of the components that Hill Manufacturing produces get welded together to make a wide variety of finished sub-assemblies. Our welding capabilities are aligned to support a variety of your welding requirements. Whether your needs are MIG welding or spot welding – we have got you covered. Our MIG welding stations offer robotic and manual welding of steel or aluminum. Our spot welding capabilities support both rocker-arm and press type welding up to 250KVA.

Moroso Industrial Solutions (Guilford, CT)

Contract Manufacturer

At Moroso Industrial, we offer a flexible and versatile solution for light to medium duty welding projects. Incorporating both free hand and robotic welding operations, our welding capabilities are backed up by a team of highly skilled certified welders and state of the art equipment. Our team can provide numerous joining methods, which are capable of creating high-integrity welds in mild and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium.

Primarily Serving: Hamden, CT - New Haven, CT - West Haven, CT - Meriden, CT

KG Equipment Service (Bristol, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

WELDING & METAL FABRICATION: KG Equipment has a wide variety of products and services that include specialized welding and metal fabrication services. In addition, we build custom aluminum & steel dump truck bodies, hitches, lift gates, ladder racks and more. Our experience includes welding and fabrication of mild steel, cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel. We also provide machining, bending, drilling, punching, shearing, laser cutting, pipe/angle bending.

Primarily Serving: Levittown, PA - Trenton, NJ - Camden, NJ - Philadelphia, PA

Rubingers Manufacturing Co. (Lakeland, FL)

Contract Manufacturer

As a primary provider of contract, production, large and small part CNC spot welding, Rubingers Manufacturing Co. is proud to feature a flying gantry spot welding machine, and can weld materials up to 1/4" in total thickness. Our spot welding is appropriate for a range of industries, including aerospace and petrochemical sectors, and we work with stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and hot rolled steel.

Primarily Serving: Brandon, FL - Tampa, FL - Kissimmee, FL - Spring Hill, FL

DD Wire Company Inc. (Temple City, CA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

We offer MIG and TIG Welding for parts large and small. Joining Stainless, Aluminum, or Mild Steel we can get the job done. We can provide you a quote for just the welding if thats all you need but dont forget we can offer a complete solution for all your metal fabrication needs. Please Send in your RFQ's for a competitive Bid.

Primarily Serving: Arcadia, CA - Rosemead, CA - El Monte, CA - Alhambra, CA

CMW Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)


CMW manufactures the broadest line of resistance welding / spot welding consumables in the industry. Our products include the GCAP® electrode which is the most economical electrode cap available for high production welding of galvanized steel without dressing. The new Elkaloy® 20 dispersion strengthened copper Cap Electrodes (patent pending), and the CMW® FINNCAP Electrodes (patent pending) provide unprecedented life and welding efficiency.

Primarily Serving: Carmel, IN - Fishers, IN - Anderson, IN - Bloomington, IN

Islex Australia Pty Ltd (Kingston Queensland, Australia)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

For over 20 years, Islex Australia has offered welding as part of its comprehensive PE piping service. In addition to supplying and welding pipelines onsite, Islex is also a trusted provider of professional inspection and maintenance services to local governments through-out south-east Queensland. All work is performed according to the latest Australian standards – AS/NZS 4130 and AS/NZS 4129 with certified welders.

Martin Sheet Metal World (Circle Pines, MN)

Contract Manufacturer

TIG welding is offered as a support service to aid with assembly of small light gauge sheet metal bent shapes. A small custom fixture can be designed and built to help insure the overall dimensional accuracy of your small bent shape weldment. This small metal shop fabricates sheet metal into small bent shapes in smaller quantities.

Primarily Serving: Saint Paul, MN - Minneapolis, MN - Minnetonka, MN - Eden Prairie, MN

Advantech Manufacturing (New Berlin, WI)

Contract Manufacturer

Spot Welding This form of resistance welding is an ideal process for joining together sheet metal parts which creates a smooth surface, ready for painting or plating. Spot welding "on" our own Sonic Sifter enclosures demonstrates Advantech Manufacturing's expertise with this process. This value added process allows us to further meet our customers growing needs

Primarily Serving: Waukesha, WI - Milwaukee, WI - Racine, WI - Kenosha, WI

EBTEC Corporation (Agawam, MA)

Contract Manufacturer

Electron Beam (EB) Welding is used for joining ferrous metals, light metals, precious metals, and other alloys to themselves or each other. Our Electron Beam Welding services offer you and your components the following advantages: Versatility from .002" depth to 3.00" depth of penetration Multi-axis EB control High ratio of depth-to-width Maximum

Primarily Serving: Springfield, MA - Chicopee, MA - Manchester, CT - East Hartford, CT


Service Company

Being an all industry repair shop we focus our commitment on our customer, one call to us is a perfect choice we are a 24-7 Job shop working when others closed for the day, With Complete Repairs on the leading makes and models of drilling rig Machinery Foriegn or Domestic.

Primarily Serving: Kissimmee, FL - Sanford, FL - Deltona, FL - Port Orange, FL


Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

A1 Babbitt offers quality babbitt bearing service and repair, conventional and CNC machining, and job shop/production capabilities. With A1 Babbitt, you get a high quality repair service, fast pick-up and delivery service, at extremely competitive pricing. You also get the quality assurance that you expect and deserve.

Primarily Serving: Pittsburgh, PA - Youngstown, OH - Canton, OH - Akron, OH

Fab Masters Company, Inc (Marcellus, MI)

Contract Manufacturer

A wide variety of certified welding services are available from Fab Masters Co. All production welding is to customer or military specifications, in aluminum or steel. Equipped with the latest MIG and TIG equipment our weld shop is prepared to meet the demands of today's manufacturing environments.

Primarily Serving: Kalamazoo, MI - Elkhart, IN - Mishawaka, IN - South Bend, IN

Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. (Mystic, CT)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Acme has equipment that rivals many top notch sheet metal shops. Whether your application is best-suited for wire or sheet metal, Acme can recommend and produce the form that best meets your needs. We also work with wire mesh, perforated stock, expanded metal and tubing.

Primarily Serving: Warwick, RI - Cranston, RI - Manchester, CT - Providence, RI

Fab 2 Order (Indianapolis, IN)

Contract Manufacturer

Fab 2 Order, Incorporated is a service-minded sheet metal job shop. Although we are fabricating others' product designs and parts, our product is our service. Our goal is to get the customers' parts to them in a timely manner with accurate precision and quality.

Primarily Serving: Carmel, IN - Fishers, IN - Anderson, IN - Bloomington, IN

BenCo Technology, LLC (Honey Brook, PA)

Service Company

BenCo Technology LLC is a metal fabrication company including a prototype shop, manufacturing and engineering divisions supported by an experienced and skilled staff. We offer complete fabrication of carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our capability includes forming, welding, machining, fabricating and assembly.

Primarily Serving: Reading, PA - Lancaster, PA - Wilmington, DE - Newark, DE

ISE Stamping Inc. (Bromptonville, QC)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

We offer the possibility of assembling parts together, whether by clintching (on presses) or by spot welding. We have dedicated spot welding stations for specific parts or by robotic spot welding. Tell us your needs and we will make it work for you.

Litron Inc. (Agawam, MA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

High-Speed Laser Welding, Sealing and Marking Services with Consistent Accuracy. Litron offers the finest laser welding services for microelectronic packages, medical implant devices, aerospace components, and other precision components. To perform these services, we use laser-processing modules of the highest quality.

Primarily Serving: Springfield, MA - Chicopee, MA - Manchester, CT - East Hartford, CT

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