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Worm gear reducers belong to the class of right angle speed reducers, and are employed in applications where low horsepower is involved. These gears are compact in design and maintain high stock tolerance and gear ratios with input and output shafts arranged perpendicularly. Reducers of this type are common in a wide variety of industries such as oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, material-handling, recreational, food and beverage processing, textile and construction industries. Applications that engage these reducers include generators, compressors, printing presses, conveyors, special machinery, packaging, automation equipment and robotics.

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Logo for DieQua Corporation DieQua Corporation (Bloomingdale, IL)



Varvel worm gear speed reducers and gearboxes provide highly reliable operation in a light weight but very strong die cast aluminum housing. Ground worms offer better efficiency and long life. Many other features and options are available to satisfy unique needs.

WATT Drive Helical Worm modular Gearmotors & Reducers, with high efficiency and multiple output options, provide unmatched performance, durability and design features.

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Toledo Gearmotor A Bluffton Motor Works Company (Sylvania, OH)


We are an American manufacturer of right angle, worm gear speed reducers and inline gear reducers. Located in Sylvania, Ohio we have been providing quality gear and speed reducers at competitive prices to the Agricultural, Door, and Commercial industries since 1948.

Rexnord (Milwaukee, WI)


A foot mounted, inline/concentric gear reducer using planetary gearing. Splined input and output shafts isolate internal gearing from external forces. Heavy duty roller bearings on the output shaft are subject to external forces only - not internally generated gear forces.

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