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Company: A&S Case Company, Inc
Address:work5260 Vineland Ave.
 workNorth Hollywood, CA 91601  United States
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About A&S Case Company, Inc:
 At A&S, our motto of “Always Superior” means that our quality and service is always superior to the competition—without compromise. That’s our advantage.

It all starts at the beginning. Instead of using common basic interior ply or luan, we use the far more durable ACX fir plywood for our cases. ACX exterior fir is our standard wood, with minimal voids for a much more durable case. We construct our cases so that there is a load-bearing wall, and we enforce this construction by split-riveting the corners onto the case for the strongest possible rivet bond. Split rivets are driven into place with 2500+ pounds of pressure so that they grip the other side of the wood—unlike pop rivets, which only attach the corners.

We manufacture cases that are compliant with ATA Spec 300 Category 1 specifications as well as most standards of the MIL-SPEC. /MIL-STD. so they are more capable to handle all of the wear and tear that comes with travel.