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 Interestingly enough, the Chinese source was using state-of-the-art extruders from a German manufacturer, with tech engineering support by a German engineer. The resin was sourced out of the US! Just crazy.

ACO Mold LLC is a leader among moldmakers. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. ACO Mold LLC is a china inverter company located in Shenzhen. Our company concentrates on mold design and mold manufacture. The main products are Plastic Injection Molding, Injection Molded Parts and Custom Injection Mold.

Many US producers have led customers thru the costing models, noting freight, quality, material variations, in transit losses, increased need for documentation and communications and increased management costs plus much more. Most guys will compete on an apples to apples basis, but quotes must be detailed for many to see the problems and the spreadsheets done for the purchaser to see the differentials.

As a Chinese moldmaker,I have talked about this topic with one of my American partners, yes,he found the cost in China has raised those year, while he told me that the quality and effcient has improve as well .while, anyway, it's a problem for our cooperation, then we discuss how to low the cost ,so we discuss the molds, as Chinese standard and skillful technical to build the molds is really a big discount(eg, an USD8000 mold ,in Chinese standard would be USD4000-5000),because Chineseproduct is always share a good reputation ,yes,we focus on the product ,the shrinkage,the surface artistic and other factors ,then we make a nearly USD20,000 deal. Which it's helpful for Chinese and USA partners .Of course, it suits the small parts and the quantity should be make sure big enough, anyway, Chinese factory should living on the products.