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Company: AIM magnet shenzhen co.,ltd
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 workshenzhen, China  518104
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About AIM magnet shenzhen co.,ltd:
 Shenzhen AIM Magnet Co.,Ltd was found in 2006 which is the bench-marking enterprise among magnets manufacturing industries in China. We own one-stop complete industrial chain from NdFeB Magnet material blank,magnet product finishing and electroplating processing of magnets surface. With the background of the China's First Rare Earth Research Institute -Hunan Rare Earth Metals Institute Experts for technical support, professional researching & development company can be provided, high performance NdFeb magnets and various permanent magnetic products can be also produced. We can develop and produce all kinds of magnet shapes and performances according to customers' requirements.Magnetic holders,magnetic bar, magnetic frame and other powerful magnet assemblies ,as well as magnetic decorative wall , magnetic white board, magnetic bookmark, fridge magnets and magnetic gifts are also our superior products, one-stop magnetism technical solutions can be offered. All of our products passed through Environmental Certifications ( RoHS ,Reach ,ISO,etc.)