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Company: AUMA Actuators, Inc.
Address:work100 Southpointe Blvd.
 workCanonsburg, PA 15317  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About AUMA Actuators, Inc.:
 AUMA has been manufacturing valve actuators for over 40 years and is a major supplier of electric actuators and manual operators to industry.

AUMA electric actuators are capable of operating all types of quarterturn valves (butterfly, ball and plug) and multiturn valves (gate, globe, sluice gate and pinch). AUMA actuators are also widely used to operate dampers (louver, guillotine and diverter). Actuators can be furnished for both open/close and modulating service. Integral motor controls and control accessories are available to interface with a wide variety of plant control systems.

AUMA Actuators, Inc. is headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA. AUMA's Quality System is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. A complete network of sales and service support is available throughout North America. Regional offices are located in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Gulf Coast and West Coast. Representatives and distributors are located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.