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Company: Auburn Vacuum Forming Co
Address:work40 York St 4
 workAuburn, NY 13021  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Auburn Vacuum Forming Co:
 Company LogoAuburn Vacuum Forming Co., Inc. specializes in Plastic Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming. We have been dedicated to the manufacturing of industrial Vacuum Formed and Pressure Formed plastic components since 1969. AVF is a veteran owned company located in Auburn, New York (NY).

Vacuum Forming is a low cost alternative to sheet metal or injection molding for producing plastic parts. Shipping Trays, Covers and Enclosures of virtually any shape are good examples of Vacuum Formed products. Some advantages of Vacuum Forming are:
  • Tooling costs are substantially lower then injection molding tooling costs.
  • Vacuum Forming has a greater degree of versatility in the finished product than injection molding.
  • Vacuum Forming has the ability to produce parts in volume with accurate replication of the original part.

Pressure Forming uses a combination of vacuum and compressed air to create parts that rival injection molding.

Our vacuum formed products are proudly manufactured in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, USA. We ship world wide. Our customers are primarily in the Northeast United States including New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), Vermont (VT), Massachusetts (MA), Delaware (DE), West Virginia (WV), Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), New Hampshire (NH), Connecticut (CT), New Jersey (NJ), Michigan (MI), Rhode Island (RI), Maine (ME). We also serve customers in Eastern Canada, including Ontario (ON).