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Company: Automation Devices, Inc.
Address:work7050 West Ridge Road
 workFairview, PA 16415  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Automation Devices, Inc.:
 Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI), an ISO 9001:2000 Registered manufacturer, designs, engineers and manufactures vibratory feeders and part feeding components. Our customers rely on the expertise of our engineers and the durability of our equipment to integrate quality and dependability with production lines.

ADI's production capabilities encompass the development and tooling of vibratory feeder bowls to the production and testing of complete vibratory feeding systems including hoppers, part escapements and sound enclosures.
Over 59 years of experience in bowl fabrication and tooling contribute to ADI's ability to offer customers a single-source solution to parts feeding and orientation applications.

Custom engineering capabilities include:
-complete part orientation and delivery systems
-highly discriminate tooling
-part escapements
-parts/storage hoppers
-linear feeding tracks-
-parts feeder sound enclosures
-custom designed feeder stands.

Over 90 percent of feeding equipment produced is maintained as IN-STOCK items which ensures immediate delivery and reduces production line down-time.

In-Stock equipment includes:
-cast aluminum feeder bowls
-vibratory base units
-vibratory and gravity hoppers
-inline feeders
-a deep variety of feeder controllers
-part sensing devices
-a full line of replacement parts
-centrifugal feeding systems

Our engineers are always eager to provide quick and accurate quotations on any feeder system. Quotes can be developed off of product drawings; however, quote accuracy is enhanced when the request is accompanied by a product sample.

Visit or call 1-814-474-5561 to submit your application for quotation.