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Company: Baoding Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd
Address:workBuilding A, Chuangye Center,
 workBaoding, China  071051
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Baoding Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd:
 Baoding Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd. established in 1997, specializing in precise liquid transferring device, produce first peristaltic pump in China in 2004, produce first industrial syringe pump in China in 2008, obtained 15 patents and 9 copyrights. Peristaltic pump, laboratory syringe pump, industrial syringe pump, micro-gear pump, micro-piston pump have been formed as the core to produce complete set device and ODM products. There are 40 series and 300 types products in Longer company.

Strictly implement the ISO9001 standards, and constantly improve product quality, continuing to retain the honorary title of the high-tech enterprises, famous trademarks, corporate integrity, most of products have CE certificates and sold to 77 countries worldwide.

After 15 years of development and accumulation, we will continue to work hard to maintain the high level technology, the most comprehensive product range, the best quality of products to provide customers with the most suitable products and services.