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 Bazz Houston Co. is currently listed under the following categories: 
  • Fourslide Products
  • Metal Stamping
    • Fourslide
    • High-Speed
    • Medical
    • Multislide
    • Precision
    • Progressive
    • Prototype
  • Multislide Products
  • Spring Assemblies
  • Springs
    • Coil
    • Compression
    • Constant Force & Variable Force
    • Custom
    • Extension
    • Micro
    • Miniature
    • Torsion
    • Wire
  • Wire Forms
Contact Information:
Company: Bazz Houston Co.
Address:work12700 Western Avenue
 workGarden Grov, CA 92841  United States
Fax:fax714-893 1389
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
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About Bazz Houston Co.:
 Custom Manufacturing * Engineering Support * ISO 9001:2008 Registered * Total Customer Satisfaction

For over 45 years the Bazz Houston Co has been recognized as one of the best Metal Stamping Companies on the West Coast. It has two manufacturing facilities: Garden Grove, Southern California & Tijuana, Mexico.

The Bazz Houston Co is a manufacturer of world class products:
Metal Stampings
Wire Forms
In addition, it offers:
Engineering Support from original concept through prototype to finished product to ensure the highest quality product at the best possible price.
Tooling: State of the art equipment allows them to produce standardized tooling to customer specifications within 3- 5 weeks. This time may be reduced even further under certain circumstances.
Quality assurance: Both plants Garden Grove CA & Tijuana, Mexico are ISO 2001:9008 Registered
Customer Service Support
Bazz Houston's Competitive Advantage:
Two manufacturing Facilities: All the benefits of lower cost manufacturing.
Versus China: Shorter Lead Time; Lower freight; No customs charges / delays.
Problem Solving: Excellent in house engineering department becomes involved at the beginning of every project to verify the integrity of the product design & material used to ensure a quality product at the BEST possible price.
Prototyping: All prototyping and short runs can be done within 2 weeks.
Tooling: Lead time for production from 3 – 5 weeks. Specialize in tooling for high volume production runs.
Quality Control: Both Garden Grove, CA & Tijuana, Mexico are ISO 9001:2008 Registered. Quality is guaranteed. For many of customers this is done in house at Bazz Houston
On Time Delivery
Inside Sales: A representative to guide and help through every step of the process
Industries Include: Aerospace: Automotive; Computers: Defense: electronics: Hardware: Irrigation: Medical Equipment & Devices: Recreation: Telecommunications