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 workGaithersburg, MD 20877  United States
 800-948-6506 (Toll-Free)
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About Brandel:
 Incredibly accurate, Versaflow peristaltic pumps offer a flow variance of plus or minus 0.5% across all channels. Volume of each channel is individually adjustable, as is the overall flow rate. Versaflow pumps are rapidly self-priming, reversible to prevent dripping, and offer the flexibility of using different sizes and lengths of tubing for each channel. Flouro-silicone lined tubing is also available.

All pumps are shipped calibrated, with tubing, and ready to operate – manually, with programmable keypad, or with host computer. One year factory warranty and full factory support are included.

A variety of lengths and diameters of tubing can be ordered upon request. Precut, ready to install sets are available. Custom modifications are also available to suit your particular requirements.

Perhaps best of all, Versaflow high-performance pumps are priced less than other pumps with far fewer features, yet offer 4-8 times the accuracy. Call Brandel for further information and special applications.