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Company: Bridge Analyzers, Inc.
Address:work1805 Clement Ave.
 workAlameda, CA 94501  United States
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About Bridge Analyzers, Inc.:
 Since 1999, a manufacturer of portable gas analyzers for MAP headspace gas measurement (CO/CO2/O2), CO2/O2, CO2 Only, O2 Only) and exhaust gas analysis (2-GAs CO/HC, 4-Gas CO/HC/CO2/O2/Lambda/AFR/Combustion Eff, 5-Gas CO/HC/CO2/O2/NOx/Lambda/AFT/Combustion Eff).

These are high-grade industrial products, with excellent reliability and long term stability. They are totally manufactured in the USA, and supported in-depth by local technical support staff.

We also carry a full line of support equipment (direct port sampling systems, docking stations, PC Software, Serial Printers, etc.) as well as filters and consumables for the analyzers.

We are a one-stop shop for your gas analysis needs.