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Company: California Apparel Service
Address:work2109 S. Standard Ave
 workSanta Ana, CA 92707   United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About California Apparel Service:
 California Apparel Service functions like an outsourced 1-stop production company. How? Because we offer all the services needed for a smaller and growing fashion company to quickly grow and expand their brand and reach all in one location. All that the customer needs is under one roof, and we can take care of the rest. Contact us for a free 30-minute phone consultation.

We also service large-scale productions as any other apparel manufacturers, so if you have a need for regular apparel contracting, please take a look at the services we provide for apparel manufacturing:

Fashion start-up consultation
First patterns and pattern revisions
Samples and sample duplicates
Cutting (only as a part of cutting and sewing, not a stand alone service)
Finishing (as part of cutting and sewing services only; for full finishing work, please utilize a finishing-only company)
Packaging (packaging supplies provided by customer)
Sourcing and Production Coordination