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Company: Cases By Source, Inc.
Address:work215 Island Road
 workMahwah, NJ 07430  United States
 888-665-9768 (Toll-Free)
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About Cases By Source, Inc.:
 Cases By Source provides stock and custom cases for commercial, idustrial and military applications. Our faciliates manufacture cases in a variety of materials including plastic, aluminum or wood construction. Custom interiors available in foam, wood and plastic. We inventory thousands of stock cases for immediate delivery including Pelican, SKB, Zarges, Otter, Gator, Seahorse, Underwater Kinetics, and Cases By Source brands. Stock cases can be customized for quick turnaround or we can develop a custom case to meet your exact specifications. Our cases are used to secure, protect, transport and display some of the world's finest (and most expensive) instruments and products–including sensitive equipment for the US Military.

We offer a multi-tiered product line:
Stock Cases: We represent and stock many leading brands that are available to ship immediately: Pelican, SKB, Otter, Hofbauer, Zarges, Gator, Seahorse, Aquapac, and our own SPI, SpectraCase, BudCase, EuroCase and TransCase. We literally scout the globe for innovative new product solutions and production partners.

Customized Stock Cases: Clients rely on our expert knowledge to recommend solutions that best meets their needs, taking into account such criteria as aesthetics, material strength, durability, portability, optimized utility and cost. We customize stock cases with precision-cut foam inserts and molded interiors to meet specific requirements, and we understand the strengths and limitations of each brand to help guide our customer to the right case.

Custom Cases: We develop our customers' ideas and needs to transform them into tangible, custom-made cases that meet their precise specifications. From what often starts as a "chicken scratch" concept on the back of a napkin, our sales engineers collaborate with and guide our customers from concept to completion; providing CAD prints, 3-D renderings, and ultimately manufacturing the best solution for their product. In some instances we also preload their equipment or product samples into the delivered cases.

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