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  • Accelerometers
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  • Transformers
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Company: Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc.
Address:work1925 MacDade Blvd
 workWoodlyn, PA 19094  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc.:
 For over fifty years, Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. has been committed to designing and manufacturing advanced technology, cost-effective products. Each product is designed to withstand hard use over long periods of time. Precision manufactured and tested to the most exacting quality standards, Columbia’s products frequently exceed customer specifications.

Columbia offers a diversified product line with a wide selection of instruments. Columbia’s continually growing product line includes, but is not limited to, Piezoelectric Accelerometers, Pressure Transducers, Force Balance Inertial Grade Accelerometers and Inclinometers, Standard Linear Variable Differential Transducers, Flight Qualified Fatigue Load monitoring Foil Strain Sensors, Charge Amplifiers for signal conditioning of Piezoelectric Accelerometers and Pressure Transducers, Force Balance Technology Inclinometer Systems, Hand Held Vibration Meters and Solid State Sensors. Columbia specializes in manufacturing to customers specifications.

Columbia’s involvement in designing and manufacturing specialized products for the U.S. Government’s Aerospace Programs and Commercial Aviation programs goes back many years as noted below:
Columbia provided the AS16-321 Vibration Measurement System for the LEM Spacecraft launched in 1974 and the Vibration Measurement Set model 123101 designed for the 1st M1T500 Flight Vehicle launched March 6, 1975. In more recent years, Columbia has designed and provided instrumentation for the Mark-12, GBU-15, AGM-130, AMRAM, HELLFIRE, ALCM, SLCM, Trident I & II, ASROC, Atlas II, Pershing II, MX, SICBM, P-3, DC-10, T-45 Trainer, Atlas-Titan, Atlas-Centaur, Shuttle Columbia, Cruise Missile, lance Missile, ASAT Program, Killer Satellite, Captor Program, F-18 Fighter Aircraft, A-10 Fighter Aircraft, mark 21 HIT, AV-8, B-52, F-16 and JPATS.
Columbia was also involved in the recently retired venerable F117 Stealth Fighter Plane that served the U.S. so well for many years. However currently Columbia has participated in the Space X, F-22(test units), 787 Dream Liner (test units), C130 Hercules and MH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter.
This program history is typical of Columbia’s performance. Columbia delivers quality products at competitive costs.