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Company: D&S Castings
Address:work300 Whitehead Rd.
 workTrenton, NJ, NJ 08619  United States
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About D&S Castings:
 D&S Castings is an American metal castings company that co-owns a foundry in China, and thus gives customers a unique purchasing and manufacturing experience: American Service at Chinese Prices. D&S can compete with going directly to a Chinese metal castings manufacturer, but makes working with China as simple as working with an American supplier. With almost 100,000 sq ft of inventory storage in our New Jersey warehouse, your parts will always be in stock for when you need them. Since D&S owns and controls every step of the process, your parts are guaranteed to be done right, on time, and to your satisfaction.

As one of the leaders in metal castings, whether your need is low volume sand casting or investment casting, or high volume aluminum or steel die castings, D&S Castings can save you both time money.