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 Rubber Seals and Gasket Sealing

Custom designed one way sealing devices - duckbill valves, umbrella valves, flapper valves - as well as gasket sealing are produced to customer specification.
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 Our assistance in design moldability and material selection for customer application, often reduces the time from concept to finished rubber seals when Da/Pro is consulted in the early stages of design.
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 Custom Rubber Products and Molded Rubber Parts

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rubber products and custom molded rubber parts. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to design and manufacture unique rubber products, while providing the best customer support and technical advice possible.
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  Some custom rubber parts that we have manufactured include diaphragms, connector inserts, seals, valves, custom shapes, o-rings and more. We manufacture custom rubber products such as rubber diaphragms with thickness as small as .006". Our custom rubber electrical inserts hold complex internal hole configurations having minor diameters as small as 0.017 x 0.75 inches long.

Da/Pro Rubber engineering services review your custom rubber product and offer the best solution for the moldability of your rubber parts. Our chemists assist you in finding the best material to suit your application.

Whatever you create, we have the capability, knowledge and experience to be your rubber molded products partner.
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 Rubber Oil Seals and Oil Pump Seals - Oil & Gas Industry

Da/Pro Rubber manufactures oil seals and oil pump components for the oil & gas industry. Pumps and seals in the oil & gas industry are exposed to severe chemical and thermal environments. The reliability of seals, connector inserts and other oil components is essential to the prevention of leaking seals and environmental safety. Oil pump seals and other components made with rubber withstand heat and pressure as well as mechanical stress in these harsh environments.

Da/Pro manufactures custom molded oil pump seals and other rubber components that have outstanding chemical inertness and thermal resistance in a wide range of temperatures from sub cryogenic to temperatures exceeding 260 C. Types of oil and gas components we manufacture include seals, gaskets, connector inserts, valves and other custom oil and gas components.

Da/Pro Rubber offers in-house labs with chemist to assist you in determining the right material for your oil and gas component need.
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