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Company: Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing, Inc.
Address:workP.O. Box 798
 work3190 Jackson Street
 workDubuque, IA 52004-0798  United States
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
Certifications: ISO-9001:2000
Ownership: Women Owned
Contacts: Larry H. Richey - Vice Pres.
 Dave Spahn - President
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Map of Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing, Inc.
About Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing, Inc.:
 Company LogoDUBUQUE STAMPING & MANUFACTURING, INC. (ISO-9000 Certified) has been providing the highest-quality metal stampings since 1948. Located in Dubuque, Iowa, our mission is "to deliver quality products and courteous service that will meet or exceed all expectations of every customer." We are woman owned and staffed by more than 150 production specialists who perform a wide variety of operations in our plant that include:

• A wide variety of designs and sizes of metal stampings ranging from .030" to .625" thick, and also includes up to .375"-thick coil-fed press lines up to 800 ton.
• Gripflow Stamping Process for close tolerance.
• Salt bath heat-treating with fixture quenching for flatness.
• Both Blanchard and Gardner double-disc surface grinding.
• HAAS CNC high speed machining w/pallet changer.
• Automatic chucking machines for boring, turning and grooving.
• Resistance welding for projection and weld nuts.
• Glass bead blasting, barrel and vibratory bowl finishing, zinc-iron phosphate coating and final packaging with bar-code labels with EDI system.
• Both Progressive dies and Compound dies, along with secondary Extrude, Draw, Form, Coin etc Dies.
• Thrust washers, hardened washers, Cover Plates, Brackets, Clips / Clamps, Hand Tool parts, Latch parts etc.