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 workAtlanta, GA 31119  United States
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About Eccentric Pumps, LLC:
 Eccentric Pumps has years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial pumps and offers the only truly 100% American-made peristaltic hose pump. All of our pumps are manufactured in Pennsylvania, using American components.

Eccentric Pumps is uniquely qualified to bring you quality industrial peristaltic hose pumps for a variety of applications, including food and beverage, slurry, bleach, and chemical.
We pride ourselves on being one of the leading peristaltic pump manufacturers.

Eccentric Pumps’ range of industrial grade pumps feature:

* Longest hose life
* Heavy duty construction for industrial and municipal applications
* Quality American-made parts
* Better wear characteristics
* Cooler running
* Optimum efficiency
* A wider range of operating speeds – both higher and lower
* More flow per revolution than conventional designs
* Multiple hoses available for each pump size

We ensure that you will receive your pump package fast, typically within one to four weeks of your order date – a rapid turnaround compared to others in our industry. Our experts are here to help you choose the right pump, ensuring you receive the best, most reliable operation possible from a peristaltic type hose pump.