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Company: Etatron Pumps
Address:work#203, 17665-66A Ave
 workSurrey, BC V3S 2A7  Canada
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About Etatron Pumps:
 Etatron is a leading manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, controllers, and accessories.

Etatron manufactures a wide range of electronic and motor-driven metering pumps including diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, piston pumps, and hydraulic diaphragm pumps. In addition Etatron has a line of ph controllers, redox controllers, orp controllers, chlorine residual controllers and conductivity controllers.

Etatron products are designed and manufactured in ISO9001:2000 facilities. Chemical pumps and metering pumps are what has made Etatron the manufacturer that it is today. Etatron pumps are used in more than 75 countries in variety of industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural and OEM markets.

Etatron pumps are widely used in a variety of applications including: water treatment, waste water treatment, swimming pools, cooling towers, boiler feedwater, potable water, greenhouses, irrigation, odor control, electro plating, grease traps, and hydroponics industry.