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Company: FJM Security Products
Address:work18424 Highway 99
 workLynnwood, WA 98037  United States
Phone:Phoneworkpref800-654-1786 (Toll-Free)
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About FJM Security Products:
 Company LogoFJM Security Products is a division of the Frank J Martin Company which was founded in 1957 with a long history of manufacturing security products.

Our experienced friendly staff supports our distribution channels with same day shipping, superior customer service and unsurpassed end-user technical support.

Product Lines:

The HitchSafe converts the receiver into a VAULT! Not only does it hold spare keys… it will also hold credit cards, driver's license and cash making it great for outdoor sports where carrying those items can be a hassle or become lost.
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The Combi-Cam converts all standard cam locks for door and drawer into keyless security. Ideal for locations with multiple individual accessing and whereby key management is a hassle. Comes in a 3 or 4 dial version. Also Combi-Cam Ultra is a combination cam lock with master key override and code retrieval capabilities. Offers flexibility of combination retrieval or multiple person access, and can be installed vertically or horizontally.
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The Combi-Ratchet is the world's first combination ratchet lock for sliding glass doors and hinged glass doors with a master key override option. Offers keyless convenience to glass showcases with no keys to lose or manage. Dual access modes offer flexibility of using keys or combination.
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Our Padlockable Cam Locks offer functionality of a cam lock with the security of a combination or keyed padlock. Great for lockers, doors, cabinets, drawers, etc. New combination padlock with key override and patented code discovery also available.
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The HitchSafe morphed from our ShurLok Key Storage product. The ShurLok is great for contractors, realtors and home use. The ShurLok competes well with its low price point and a unique patented feature whereby it has one combination for the shackle and another combination for the key compartment.
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The KeyGuard Pro lock boxes provide secure larger key storage capacity that accomodates more keys and access cards. Innovative, familiar phone pad style punch button face allows flexibility in entering letters or numbers as a combination allowing a company name or an easily remembered word to be used.
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The Combi-Bolt is a totally new product. The Combi-Bolt combines a beefy traditional slide bolt with 10,000 possible combinations for a totally new security concept! Great for sheds, gates, cupboards and more.
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The SOBO High Security Padlocks offer European High Security at a very affordable price. Features include Abloy Style keyway, shrouded or jimmy-proof shackles, triple chrome plating, etc.
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ShurLok Combination Key Cabinets (48 and 122 key capacity). Why hassle with a key to access keys?? Combination key cabinets at competitive pricing.
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MobiSafe secures MP3 players while you use them with ports on each side that allow for headphones to be attached while your iPod remains locked up. Never worry about your iPod, phone or camers being stolen from your bag!
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