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Company: Gasser and Sons Inc.
Address:work440 Moreland Road
 workCommack, NY 11725  United States
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About Gasser and Sons Inc.:
 Gasser & Sons, Inc. is owned and managed by the founding family's third generation. We continue today in the "Total Capability" tradition that has guided our operations since our establishment more than 80 years ago. It is our credo that every customer is assured the highest level of sales professionalism, application engineering, manufacturing quality and, above all, service.

At Gasser, a staff of more than 150 skilled employees are dedicated to our tradition of "Total Capability" that has provided our customers with the best parts, prices, quality and service for over 80 years worldwide.

Along with metal Stamping, our specialty is deep drawing, a Process that produces parts well beyond the limits of conventional stamping techniques. Our mechanical, hydraulic and transfer deep drawing presses provide our customers the benefit of part cost reduction, weight saving, design flexibility and a superior seamless formed product.

Our Press Department has over forty presses of various designs and capabilities, including mechanical and hydraulic presses from 10 to 400 tons.

Gasser & Sons specializes in the manufacturing of radiation shielding enclosures for medical, dental and industrial X-Ray housings, as well as component housings for electric, aerospace, gyro, nuclear and other high-tech industries.

Our clients have come to depend on our extensive experience in precision forming, machining, finishing, brazing and radiation shielding. Our production, assembly and testing services provide each customer a superior part that meets their precise specifications.

Many of our customers have relied on our in-house team of engineers to redesign their casting into our "Fabricated Assemblies" to provide Superior Finish, a Light Weight Product, No Porosity Problems, Greater Strength, Lower Cost and Design Flexibility.

The "State of the Art" assemblies and components used in electro-optical, guidance, detector, navigational, targeting, night vision, missile skins and fuse assemblies are only a small example of our capabilities.

Many of the parts have tolerances of one-thousandth of an inch, with extremely fine-machined surfaces and polished finishes.

Gasser & Sons total manufacturing operations are performed in-house, under strict I.S.O. 9001:2000 certified quality procedures

To meet our customers' fabrication needs, we are highly proficient in working with extensive variety of materials such as:

Stainless Steel
Nickel Iron
Beryllium copper