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  • Filters
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    • Lifting & Material Handling
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Company: Goudsmit Magnetics Group BV
Address:workPetunialaan 19
 workWaalre, Netherlands  5582 HA
Fax:fax+31 40 2217325
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
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About Goudsmit Magnetics Group BV:
 Goudsmit Magnetics, driven by magnetism since 1959
Goudsmit Magnetics Group is an international industrial company dedicated to the design and manufacture of magnets and magnetic systems for metal separation, recycling, transport, lifting, holding and demagnetization in various branches of industry.

Since the establishment in 1959 this family company has produced millions of magnetic systems that have found their way to every continent. Development and engineering take place at the headquarters in the Netherlands. Innovation and quality -according to ISO, ISO/TS, EHEDG & VDA 6.3 standards- are the organization's cornerstones.