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Company: Griffin Dewatering
Address:work5306 Clinton Drive
 workHouston, TX 77020  United States
Phone:Phoneworkpref866-770-8100 (Toll-Free)
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About Griffin Dewatering:
 Company LogoGriffin is one of the oldest and most respected names in the groundwater control industry. The handling of groundwater is among the most complex of all construction problems. Griffin Pump has over 75 years experience in manufacturing innovative equipment that is a direct result of field experience.

Griffin has always focused on building rugged pumping equipment that would keep pace as we improved many of the now classic dewatering techniques such as well points, jetting and eductor systems. That same drive for innovation exists today in meeting the high flow requirements for large bypass and maintaining low noise level in residential areas with the silent packaged dewatering pumps.

Whether you have a need to purchase, to rent or for service, our sales, technical and field personnel are dedicated to one principle philosophy – to serve our customers by providing the most effective techniques and equipment to control groundwater on time and on budget. Griffin prides itself on responsiveness, service and dependability. Our sales and support team is unsurpassed in the depth of knowledge and experience they bring to all projects. Around the clock, seven days a week, from locations across North America, our specialists are available to assist in solving a variety of operational

Griffin now provides PolyTank designs and installs plastic storage tanks. The tanks are produced by extruding polypropylene or polyethylene around a drum. This method emulates technology in the industry that has been proven to produce the highest quality of storage tanks. Standard poly tanks in the market today are rotationally molded and have many limitations such as wall thickness and height. This unique approach gives us the ability to design and build tanks that meet the customer's specific needs without these limitations. Our design process takes into consideration the working temperature, corrosion issues, specific gravity, and the aggressive properties of the product being stored to insure the proper tank is built for our customers. We offer tanks made with either Polypropylene, Polyethylene, or Co-Poly. Tank sizes can vary from a few hundred gallons up to 50,000 gallons. Tanks can be made with flat bottoms and cone bottoms for total drain capability as well as specialty applications. Several options and accessories can be added to our tanks such as buil-in secondary containment, heating components, insulation systems (using polyurethane foam), OSHA compliant ladders, mixer mounts and catwalks.

Griffin Pumps provide the highest air-handling capacity on standard units in the market and are uniquely designed to address the needs encountered in dewatering, bypass, open pumping and hydraulic submersible pump applications. Griffin units are designed to give long, trouble-free service and perform continuously for extended periods with minimal attention and maintenance.