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Company: HGD Industry Co .,Ltd
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 workSpringfield, NC 76196  United States
Phone:Phoneworkpref(136) 392-7976
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About HGD Industry Co .,Ltd:
 HGD Industry Co .,Ltd has over 8 years experience in the industry of cellphone and tablet cases, EVA shoes and other electronic products cases' designing and manufacturing industry. We design and make iPad foam case, foam tablet PC cases, iPad bump case, iPhone foam cases,EVA leisure shoes, and HGD Industry Co., Ltd is foam iPad case wholesale supplier and it has iPad foam case factory. we are the first to develop and manufacture EVA cases in China.

Over 8 years experience of mold design and manufacturing enable us to provide professional advice and solution for our customers. We design and make all kinds of cases and accessories from EVA raw material.

HGD Industry Co .,Ltd supplies good quality cases and accessories for mobile phones and tablets, laptop and more.We can make beautiful and fashionable EVA shoes as well. We can accept custom design and OEM. And we can make high quality low cost products according to your samples and specific requirements.

HGD Industry Co .,Ltd has its own mould injection workshop, our factory is equipped with all types professional plastic processing machines and equipments for designing, manufacturing, testing of products and molds. Some of these machines and equipments include injection molding machines, hydraulic machine, hydraulic cutting machine, cutting machine, grinding machine, punch machine and so on.We own integrated production line, mass production capability, many personnel with years of industry experience in business, technology,management and several hundred of skilled and dedicated workers. All these are our valuable assets that enable us to better meet your demand for products and service.Quality products, competitive prices, ontime delivery and excellent service! HGD Industry Co .,Ltd has become one of the largest and most successful companies in the mobile phones and tablets accessories field, best known for its innovative designs, quality products and best price.