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  • Consultants
    • Engineering
  • Custom Injection Molding
  • Engineering Services
  • Product Design & Development
  • Rubber Compression Molding
  • Rubber Extrusions
  • Rubber Materials & Compounds
  • Rubber Molding
  • Rubber Products
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Company: Hiawatha Rubber Co.
Address:work1700 67th Avenue North
 workMinneapolis, MN 55430  United States
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
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About Hiawatha Rubber Co.:
 Company LogoHiawatha Rubber doesn’t just sell you parts. Our dream team of chemists, engineers, automation experts, and business modelers create integrated solutions for a variety of precise rubber and elastomer applications. Whether you need a new rubber formulation, a component design for an impossible environment, more efficient and consistent rubber parts production, or more streamlined sourcing and delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Our flexible business model means your overarching strategic goals drive everything we do. Let us show you what our unprecedented experience, wide range of expertise, advanced technology and disciplined process can do for your business.