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Company: Impact Cases Inc. - Western Office
Address:work243239 Range Road 31
 workCalgary, AB T3Z 3L7  Canada
 800-881-7544 (Toll-Free)
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Impact Cases Inc. - Western Office:
 For over 25 years, Impact Cases has been an industry leader in precision manufactured cases and containers. Located just north of Toronto, Ontario (Canada), our manufacturing facility consists of an in-house design team, CNC manufacturing equipment and tradesmen with over 75 years cumulative experience in case manufacturing, sheet metal and carpentry.

With an office in Calgary, Alberta, Impact Cases is position to serve the entire North American market.

One of the distinguishing differences between Impact Cases and the competition is our design phase. Before a case goes into production, it passes through our design department. Our designers work closely with you, the customer, to ensure what is designed and manufactured meets or exceeds your expectations

Selecting the best case or container for your application is only half of the equation. The most critical aspect of a protective or presentation case is the interior. The interior determines the aesthetics (professional look and feel), the level of protection (against shock and vibration), component organization (ease of access) and, in the case of electronics and instrumentation, whether or not equipment can operate within the case.