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 Kaina Rubber Belt Co., Ltd. is currently listed under the following categories: 
  • Belts
    • Conveyor
    • Endless
    • Flat
    • Polyurethane & Urethane
    • Rubber
    • Timing
    • V
  • Drive Belts
    • Flat
    • Timing
    • V
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Company: Kaina Rubber Belt Co., Ltd.
Address:workNo.186 Zhuxi Road Zhu'Ao
 workSanmen Zhejiang, China  317101
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
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Map of Kaina Rubber Belt Co., Ltd.
About Kaina Rubber Belt Co., Ltd.:
 Our main products are Transmission belt, Rubber timing belts, PU timing belts, ribbed belts(poly v-belt), Raw Edge V-belts

(cogged belt), Wrapped V-belts, sewing Machine belt, open end belt, convey belt, flat belt, and pulley.

We are a professional drivingbelt manufacturer with 16 years experience in China, offering over 1250 various kinds of

industrial belts and output up to 132 millions pieces per year. We are the best manufacturer that you can trust in China.