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Company: LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments
Address:workSihlbruggstrasse 105
 workBaar, Switzerland  6340
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments:
 LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments develops innovative, high quality laboratory instruments with an excellent price to performance ratio: laboratory fermenter, fermentor, benchtop fermenters, bioreactors for cell culture, peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, precision pumps, dosing pumps, fraction collectors, samplers, powder dosing apparatus, powder dosers, gas control and measurement, mass flow gas control, pH electrode, dissolved oxygen electrode, DO probes, pH probes, fermentation software and more...

Personal lab experience is essential for making good laboratory instruments. We love to construct them for you with the same care, as we would do them for ourselves, therefore our instruments are practical, economical and use inventive ideas not found elsewhere. Low cost and high quality are not always contradictions. By visiting our webpages ( you will see that we always concentrate on the essential.

Do you need special requirements? Do you think of particular or new applications? We will try our best to advise and help you.

Will you be our next satisfied customer?

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments - where innovation keeps quality high and prices low