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Company: Marshall Spring Mfg Co
Address:work1014 E 18th St
 workKansas City, MO 64108  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Marshall Spring Mfg Co:
 About Marshall Spring

Marshall Spring Manufacturing has been producing quality springs for more than half a century. Our springs have been used in many different applications for numerous customers across the country. Our mission is to produce custom, quality springs meeting the design requirements of our customers at the best possible price. Our central location allows us to not only serve our regional customers but our nationally located customers as well.

Our machines allow us to make extension, compression, and torsion springs out of wire from .015" to .375" in diameter. We can make springs out of many types of wire, the most common being music wire, hard drawn, stainless steel, and oil tempered. We can design and manufacture a spring to meet the requirements of a new machine or process. Or we can design and manufacture a spring to be an exact duplicate of an existing spring. We also have the capability to produce a wide variety of wire forms.

We believe in taking care of every customer, large or small, and providing them the perfect spring by the time they request. Over the years, our experience and knowledge as a spring manufacturer has benefited many customers.

We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of our customers new and old. Please contact Marshall Spring Manufacturing today and let us show you how excellent customer service and a quality product can benefit your company.