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Company: Metalspun Products Co., Inc.
Address:work400 W. Drexel Ave.
 workOak Creek, WI 53154  United States
Phone:Phoneworkpref800-833-7746 (Toll-Free)
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About Metalspun Products Co., Inc.:
 Your metal forming or spinning shape problems are always welcome at Metalspun. In fact, we suggest that you save your time and money by taking advantage of many years of experience with virtually all metals. From prototypes to production runs, we've made a remarkable variety of configurations.

Expert workmanship, with modern precision equipment. Any spinning, hydroforming, or fabricating job within the capacity of our machines. An accurate price based on efficiency and production. Delivered as promised! Dependable Service Since 1948
Our innovative team is trained to cold form metals up to 72" in diameter. As opposed to more traditional processes, spinning maintains the integrity of the material and often strengthens internal structures. Additionally, whether tooling is developed internally or externally, costs are held to a minimum.
Hydroforming automatically applies hydraulic pressure to non-spinning metal, seamlessly molding tight tolerance products of any shape up to 10 inches deep.
As in metal spinning, hydroforming also uses a mandrel with a metal blank over it. But unlike spinning, the mandrel is forced into a diaphragm of hydraulically pressurized rubber. The pressurized diaphragm encapsulates the mandrel and work piece, making the metal blank conform to the shape of the mandrel.
Whereas spinning can thin the material in certain areas, hydroforming does not thin the material- thickness is uniform. Deep fry oil filters, soup kettle warming pots, and stainless steel floats are just a few of the applications for hydroforming.
Intricate shapes are easily formed with Metalspun's sophisticated hydroform machine. As metal is placed on a mold, pressure is used to form seamless products, with extremely tight tolerances, up to 10" deep.
We expand our capabilities even further with a spinning/hydroforming combination that produces parts too costly or impossible to form by spinning or hydroforming alone. This method is both cost-effective and quality-wise. For parts often produced through an annealing process, the hydroforming/spinning combination is particularly effective. You will profit from substantially reduced set-up, production and annealing charges.