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Company: New Era Pump Systems, Inc.
Address:work2517 Bayview Ave
 workWantagh, NY 11793  United States
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About New Era Pump Systems, Inc.:
 New Era Pump Systems Inc. designs and manufactures high quality syringe pumps that are capable of infusion and withdrawal with variable flow rates. With over twenty years of experience, our friendly technical experts will work with you to accomplish your goals.

All of our versatile products are designed to adapt to your application through a programmable open interface. Each unit can be programmed to fully automate your process. Our syringe pumps currently support flow rates ranging from 0.001 microliters/hour to 2120 ml/hr depending on your choice of syringe. Our syringe pumps can be upgraded with a more powerful motor if necessary.

For our line of syringe pumps, we also offer a variety of accessories such as foot switches, analog voltage interface, and syringe heaters.

If our products does not meet your specifications, our team of engineers have the capability to customize a solution for you.

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