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Company: Newly Refined Designs
Address:work818-27th Street ste. 2b
 workOakland, CA 94607  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Newly Refined Designs:
 Newly Refined Designs is a Sewing contract manufacturing company that produces women and girls camisoles, slips, coats, panties, simple skirts, tunics, and pajamas. We produce our own line which could be adaptable for any store to sell with their company label and logo.

10 years experience in the industry of sewing, cutting, prototypes, designing and samples. Newly Refined has an excellent reputation of producing quality, reliable and Fast A level service. We value our clients and believe in establishing long term relationships to improve the production process for a faster and quality products.

We use the top quality equipment to give you a smooth turn around. Our equipment includes machines such as single needle, overlock, double needle, straight knife cutting machine and more. We work with all types of fabrics and materials from satins, to silks, spandex to lace to fleece, to chiffons, to knits, to nylons and more.