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Company: Ningbo Souwest Magnetech Development Co., Ltd
Address:workXiepu Guangyuan Industrial Zone, Zhenhai, Ningbo, China
 workNingbo, China  315200
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Ningbo Souwest Magnetech Development Co., Ltd:
 Souwest Magnetech Development Co., a high-technology enterprise specialized in manufacturing and distributing different magnetic materials. We are equipped with the first-class manufacturing lines and the advanced technology .Our products include NdFeB magnets ,Ferrite magnets, Smco magnets , AlNiCo magnets, Bonded NdFeB magnets, etc. And we also can supply the magnetic system such as Pot magnets, Lifting ,Filter bars etc.

With many years' manufacturing and distributing experience, we are becoming a qualified source of magnets worldwide. Looking forward to co-operating with you ,We'll give you the high-quality products with the most reasonable price and the best service .

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