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Company: Periflo, Inc
Address:work155 Commerce Blvd
 workLoveland, OH 45140  United States
Phone:Phoneworkpref800-860-2983 (Toll-Free)
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Periflo, Inc:
 Periflo Inc is an innovative manufacturer of a complete family of peristaltic hose pumps for a wide variety of applications in a number of different industries. We offer both lubricated-shoe and roller-style pump designs, and all PeriFlo pumps feature the modern, compact, space-saving direct-coupled arrangement. Our pumps have been widely accepted by the international community since their introduction in 1994 and by a growing number of US companies since their introduction to the US market in 2000.

Our staff of highly qualified applications engineers with more than 30 years of peristaltic pump experience is available to discuss your specific pump requirements. We offer complete assembly, testing and service capabilities, and we maintain an extensive inventory of pumps and parts in our modern 16,000 sq. ft. facility located near Cincinnati, Ohio.