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Company: Robert Brown Associates, Inc.
Address:work530 Henderson Rd., Unit F
 workKing of Prussia, PA 19406  United States
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About Robert Brown Associates, Inc.:
 Designing and purchasing a pump system is a complex and disciplined series of decisions that culminates in an integrated system that serves a purpose. Our value to our clients is in the 75+ combined years of experience in the fluid pumping business. Because we focus on pumping as our core business, we are considered “pump experts” in every sense of the word. Our clients depend on us to be aware of the latest technologies in fluid pumping and guide them through all aspects of a pump purchasing cycle. That includes:

* System Flow and Pressure Calculation Design Sheets
* Multiple Pump Operations
* Physical Layout Selection to Match the Facility
* Pump Product Selection / Tradeoff Discussions
* Cost Estimating for Designs Considered
* Electrical Power Needs
* Sequence of Operations / Controls Design
* Alarm, Contingency and Backup Operations Coaching

We add the most value to our clients when we are involved in their design from start to finish.