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About SSI Technologies Inc. - Controls Division:
 SSI Technologies Inc. – Controls Division is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of pressure sensors, digital pressure gauges, non-contact ultrasonic level sensors, 55 gallon drum level gauges, magnetic sensors - speed and position sensors (hall effect, variable reluctance & magnetoresistive) and sensor based products for use in the automotive, industrial processing, construction, agriculture, heavy truck, marine, sport vehicle, medical, general industrial, test & measurement and other industries.

SSI offers Pressure Transducers with a wide variety of standard port configurations and connectors giving electrical output in the following forms - millivolt (MediaNugget™), voltage and 4-20 mA ( MediaSensor™). These Absolute Pressure Sensors, Gage and Sealed Gage Pressure Transducers and Transmitters are for both harsh and benign media with superior accuracy of <+/-.5% from -40 degrees C to 105 degrees C.

SSI's Digital Fluid-Trac™ is a 55 gallon drum liquid gauge that is a cost competitive non-contact drum gauge designed for use on vertical drums (≤ 32 inch depths) storing a wide variety of media such as water, waste water, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel.

MediaGauge™ Family has 4 Models of Digital Pressure Gauges - three 9V battery operated display only units and one (MG-MD model) externally powered with a 4-20 mA output and relay switch. They are ideal for use in many applications such as Refrigeration, Process Control, Fuel Cells, Pumps, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Compressors and Agriculture.

MediaGauge™ digital pressure gauges offer many advantages over traditional mechanical versions. MediaGauge™ digital pressure gauges consist of a media isolated piezoresistive pressure sensing element, and signal conditioning circuitry for temperature and calibration compensation.
MediaGauge™ are more durable because of their rugged packaging, have an easy to read 4 digit layout, have no moving parts to wear out, and offer a high accuracy of +/- 0.25% on Models MG-9V and MG-MD.

Accurate level volume measurements are dependant on the shape and dimensions of your tank. Our non-contact ultrasonic liquid level sensors are programmable to allow for non-linear flexible tank profiling. SSI offers three families of ultrasonic liquid level sensors - Fluid-Trac®, Acu-Trac® Smart 485 and Acu-Trac®.

Fluid-Trac® level sensors are a cost-competitive alternative to resistive float senders, reed-switch tube sensors, and capacitive tube senders. They are chemically compatible with gasoline, diesel fuels, ethanol, oils, fresh water, sewage water, urea (AdBlue) and engine coolants. Ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height of 32 inches (24 inches for gasoline).

The Acu-Trac® Smart 485 monitors and processes liquid levels in real time. There are two message formats available on the RS-485 bus. Smart 485 Level Sensor family is ideal for real time monitoring tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height up to 76 inches (1.9 meters) for gasoline and 98 inches (2.5 meters) for other media.

For level sensing solutions in rail and/or fleet management that require real time data transmissions, on a RS-485 bus, look at one of our Acu-Trac® products. Acu-Trac® Ultrasonic Level Sensors are ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height up to 118 inches (3.0 meters).

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