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Company: Servometer Corporation
Address:work501 Little Falls Rd.
 workCedar Grove, NJ 07009-1239  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About Servometer Corporation:
 Servometer Corporation was founded in 1957 when two engineers, Morris Holowachuk and Frederick Kelly, decided to create a business manufacturing an improved "servometer" for sale to the US Airforce and instrumentation manufacturers.

Unfortunately, there was no market for the Servometer®. Undaunted, Fred and Morris decided to continue building a business, and call their company Servometer® Corporation. They focused their considerable talents on developing a process that would allow them to manufacture miniature metal bellows, smaller and more precise than other metal bellows available on the market at that time.

They were successful. Morris and Fred developed and refined a process to manufacture Electrodeposited Nickel Bellows so revolutionary and unique that they were awarded a patent for it. These miniature, electrodeposited metal bellows would prove to be a unique product with wide spread demand and limitless advantages for the market place. The first press release brought in over 1500 inquiries. The first commercial use for Servometer's revolutionary bellows was for a low wind-up and zero backlash flexible shaft coupling.