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Products / Services:
 Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd is currently listed under the following categories: 
  • Magnets
    • Neodymium
    • Permanent
    • Rare Earth
Contact Information:
Company: Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd
Address:work30D, Tower Huating, The Sky Castle, No.77 Jingtian Road, Futian Dist
 workShenzhen, Guangdong, China  518034
Phone:Phoneworkpref86 755 8305 6775
 86 755 8305 6772
Fax:fax86 755 8305 6771
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globehttp://www.buymagnet.com
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Map of Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd
About Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd:
 Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional NdFeB Magnets Producer. We build up a high quality NdFeB production line with the capacity of 300 ton/Year by investment of RMB 13,000,000 Yuan. The production line includes high vacuum smelter, sintering stove and advanced gas-flow mill, basically the process contains no oxygen.Hence the intrinsic coercive force and working temperature of our products are improved, the maximum magnetic energy product can be up to 48MGOe.There are wire-electrode cutting, slice, grinding etc machine and electroplating technology in our company. So, we can design and process all specifications of the products according to customers' requirements. Also we have passed ROSH test and ISO 9001; you can fully trust our products quality.
You can send request information to: caike(AT)buymagnet.com, we will give you prompt reply.