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Company: The Stanlok Group- Standard Lock Washer & Mfg.
Address:work1451 Grafton Street
 workWorcester, MA 01604  United States
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Website:Computer and Globe
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About The Stanlok Group- Standard Lock Washer & Mfg.:
 Stanlok is now the leading manufacturer of both standard and special taper pins, and many former WTP customers have already switched to Stanlok during WTP's recent troubles. Stanlok, founded in 1938, manufactures and stocks the complete range of taper pin sizes, both plain & threaded, in steel and stainless steel. Specials in both the inch and metric systems to AN, MS, DIN and ISO specifications are made to order, with quality guaranteed by our in-house Metrology Lab where we have the capability to re-calibrate our own gages.

As a Registered Professional Engineer a member of the ASME B18.8 committee that writes ANSI standards for all types of machine pins (including taper pins), technical assistance is available to all our customers. Now that Worcester Taper Pin is gone, make the Stanlok connection!