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Company: Verder Inc
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 workMacon, GA 31210  United States
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 Verder Inc., based near Atlanta, Georgia offers three world class pump product ranges, all have seen wide customer acceptance, in the USA and globally due to overall quality, performance and operating efficiency. Verder Inc. offers complete packages, repair and nationwide service and sales with our network of industrial and municipal channel partners.We can pump almost any liquid from milliliters up to 350 gpm and pump fine liquids up to industrial and municipal sludges, pastes and aggressive slurries.

Alfa Laval and their brand of SSP industrial rotary lobe pumps are in continuous duty across the world. The Alfa Laval SSP lobe range covers every need for precision pumping of all kinds of fluids of all viscosities in industrial applications. The positive displacement pumps can be found in virtually every industry where the efficient processing of viscous products is required.

Verderair air operated double diaphragm pumps have gained wide praise for their air saving performance and 'no stall' reliability. The double diaphragm pumps have the most air efficient product line currently available from any manufacturer.

Verderflex® peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping difficult liquids. The peristaltics are ranging from smaller pumps for use in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) applications such as vending machines, lab and industrial tube pumps, up to the world's largest hose pumps for use in very heavy applications.

Make our positive Displacement pumps your positive Replacement pumps!You will be delighted with the return on your investment choice.