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  • Pipe
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  • Piping Systems
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Company: Wenzhou Sailing Stainless Steel Co.,ltd
 workWenzhou, AL 325000  United States
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About Wenzhou Sailing Stainless Steel Co.,ltd:
 Wenzhou Sailing Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter for the Stainless Steel seamless/welded pipes & tubes, fittings, flanges, valves, etc piping system material supplier in China.
Located in Wenzhou,China- The STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS CENTRE in China. Cooperate with the selected, quality approved suppliers in China piping material factories, Sailing Team provide one stop services to meet customer’s variety of purchasing requirements for Piping material products, efficiently, time-saving, cost-saving for customer’s purchase. We take care of your orders to make you satisfied and rest assured.