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Company: Worthen Industries
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 workNashua, NH 03060-5783  United States
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About Worthen Industries:
 Structured to Serve You, Our Customers, Around the World.

Worthen Industries is a solutions company. We apply science to produce better adhesives, coatings, and laminated products for our customers in the footwear, automotive, packaging, apparel, and related industrial markets.

We are a privately held, diversified manufacturer headquartered just north of Boston in Nashua, New Hampshire. With fourteen business groups, we focus on the needs of specific industrial markets, while providing each customer the technology and business resources of the entire Worthen Industries organization. We have located operations strategically around the world in Canada, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Taiwan, to serve you where you are.

Advanced Canvas Technology Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

The ACT (Advanced Canvas Technology Group) of Worthen Industries, formed in 2003, creates coated canvas products for an array of art reproduction methods as well as fine artist canvas.

Worthen Adhesive Coated Products Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

Worthen Adhesive Coated Products applies pressure sensitive adhesives using, solvent, water-base and hot melt chemistries, to a wide variety of substrates for both medical and industrial applications.

Co-Polyester Products Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

Water-borne, solvent-borne and hot melt HMWPET

Worthen Industries is the exclusive North American distributor of Skybon™ high molecular weight, saturated co-polyester resins manufactured by SK Chemicals in state of the art facilities in South Korea. SK Chemicals has a world wide reputation for quality polyester and co-polyester resins. The Co-Polyester Products Group offers these resins as pellets or slabs or in solution as well as in formulated adhesives and coatings systems for use in various markets.

Film Laminating Adhesives Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

Worthen Industries has been a key supplier to the flexible packaging market for over 30 years. We are a global supplier with one of the most comprehensive film laminating adhesive lines in the industry. Today the Film Laminating Adhesives Group offers a broad range of standard solvent based, solventless, and water based adhesives, coatings, and sealants.

Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group
(804) 275-9231, ext. 0

The Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group of Worthen Industries supplies a complete line of adhesives tailored for the construction of foam furniture and bedding, automotive interiors, office chairs and partitions, and related applications.

Footwear Products Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

Worthen Industries has served the shoe industry continuously for over a century.

The UPACO Footwear Products Group focuses both on increasing the comfort of footwear and on prolonging its life through improved bonding and waterproofing. The Footwear Products Group offers bonding systems including solvent and water based, natural and synthetic, standard hot melts and PURs (polyurethane reactives) for every operation from simple combining to permanent sole attachment.

Paper Converting & Packaging Adhesives Group
(804) 275-9231, ext. 0

The Paper Converting and Packaging Adhesives Group of Worthen Industries supplies adhesives and coatings to paper converters and general packagers of industrial and consumer products.

Performance Coated Fabrics Group
(978) 365-6345, ext. 0

Performance Coated Fabrics mainly supplies "Custom Coated Fabrics" to many industries. The main industries include Flexible ducting, Mechanical goods, Tent and Shelter materials, HVAC, Automotive, and a variety of special applications. . Typical polymers used for coating fabrics for these industries include neoprene, EPDM, acrylics, urethane, and butyl. We also supply many various silicone coated fabric products, cured and uncured on a variety of substrates.

Performance Coatings & Adhesives Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

The Performance Coatings and Adhesives Group of Worthen Industries serves the automotive, textile, and related industries by providing superior adhesive systems utilizing water- and solvent-borne urethanes and acrylics for coating and laminating nylon and polyester fabrics for a variety of industrial, commercial, and apparel applications.

Performance Films Group
(603) 888-5443 ext. 0

Worthen Performance Films (WPF) produces high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films which are used in a variety of physically and chemically demanding applications. TPU is replacing materials such as vinyl and rubber in many markets because of its outstanding abrasion resistance, low-temperature flexibility, UV stability, elongation, tensile strength, and moisture resistance.

Sampson's Rib Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

The Sampson's Rib Group began in 2003 when Worthen Industries bought and merged Odell-Williams and Prime Manufacturing. Together we have produced insole rib since 1935 and lead in the production and supply of insole rib and rib attaching machinery to manufacturers of welted shoes and boots worldwide. Welt construction, found primarily in premium men's shoes and boots, produces tough, long lasting footwear.

Staple & Nail Products Group
(603) 888-5443, ext. 0

Worthen Industries' Staple and Nail Product Group, serves the fastener industry with custom designed staple and nail adhesives, coatings, and collating tapes. Our line of water borne adhesives and coatings provide high quality performance, within a more environmentally sensitive package. We will also custom formulate an adhesive, to suit special applications.

Worthen Coated Fabrics Label Group
(616) 742-8990, ext. 0

The Worthen Coated Fabrics Label Group produces printable coated fabrics used in apparel labels, industrial tags and labels, and graphic arts. We engineer coated fabrics especially for thermal transfer, laser, and inkjet printing technologies.